Why do we love 3-wick candles? As a general rule, the scent throw produced by a 3-wick candle is amazing –not to mention the incredible ambiance created by a multi-wick candle. So why do candles with more than one wick produce more scent? The explanation is fairly simple. As wax is melted in a candle, scent is released into the air. So it makes perfect sense that as more wax is melted, more scent will be released. Some of our favorite 3-wick candles are made by Voluspa and NEST Candles. Check out our favorites at Candles Off Main.

Voluspa Top-Selling 3-wick Candle – Goji Tarocco Orange Candle


NEST Top-Selling 3-wick Candle Р Bamboo

Of course, its not always necessary to have a multi-wick candle to produce more scent. For example, LAFCO candles have a diameter of almost 5 inches. When a LAFCO candle achieves a full melt pool, the scent throw can be phenomenal! It is important to note, however, that as candles with more than one wick burn, they can consume wax quickly. This can create for a shorter lifespan for a candle. But, with room-filling scent and beautiful design, 3-wick candles are incredibly popular. Rightly so, these artfully created candles are sure to bring luxurious fragrance to any space. Shop popular 3-wick candles here at Candles Off Main.