Votivo’s Icy Blue Pine Candle (and NEW reed diffuser) captures the essence of a chilly December morning like no other home fragrance out there. I’ve burned this candle many times over the years, and it’s easily one of my favorite holiday releases on the market.

The pine note is robust, and it’s beautifully tempered by cedar bark, frost, sugar, and spice. While the cold throw is lovely, Icy Blue Pine smells even more delightful while it’s burning.

The scent changes ever so slightly once lit, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as it fills the air. The throw is strong and will blanket your entire home with woodland warmth. Everyone will want to know where you found this candle, so keep extra on hand for gifting!

I crave this comforting winter wonderland ambiance all the way up until the first sure signs of spring. What’s better than the scent of a cold and snowy forest, enjoyed in a warm and cozy space?

I especially adore the box- a chic Tiffany blue and metallic graphic pattern, which opens to a lovely swirl of scented tissue paper. The mirrored silver vessel is timeless and sophisticated, and will shine elegantly in your home.

I’ve been a loyal patron of Votivo for over a decade- I love their strong throw, classic packaging, and accessible price point. If you’re looking to spruce up your pine candle collection, definitely give this one a try- it may quickly become your favorite!

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Chrissy Fitzgerald, candle reviewer and publisher at The Downtown Annapolis