Calling all Voluspa candle lovers. Lots of news from this line! An old favorite that was previously discontinued is making a comeback, and Voluspa has three amazing fragrances additions. To make room for these new products, some Voluspa candles have been discontinued. This is a huge and exciting update, so let’s get to it.

Welcome Back!
One very missed and revered scent is back. Formerly part of the old Black Collection, Voluspa has given new life to Yashioka Gardenia as part of the Japonica Collection. This gorgeous fragrance is scented with floral notes of yashioka gardenia, tuberose, and tunisian clove. How gorgeous is this jar? This jar candle will make a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift, but if you love beautiful scents in gorgeous vessels, this candle is a great way to treat yourself, too.


Voluspa candle news

Voluspa Japonica Collection Yashioka Gardenia Candle

When Voluspa announced that the Maison Rouge collection was discontinued, many Candles Off Main customers were sad to say goodbye to the Mandarino Cannela fragrance. Fortunately, this scent is moving over to the Maison Noir collection. Check out the sexy new look for this totally delicious blend of Italian mandarin orange, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa Mandarino Cannela Candle

Another Voluspa candle that had a little facelift is the Voluspa Macaron scent. This French treat in fragrance form was already a sweet gift, but the new look makes it even more irresistable.

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa Macaron Candle

What’s New?
Say hello to the three new fragrances from Voluspa! Apple & Blue Clover, Pomegranate Blood Orange, and Prosecco Bellini are absolutely outstanding new additions. I am in love with these new scents and cannot wait to fill my house with them.

First up, the Apple & Blue Clover candle from the Jardin collection. “Aromatic blue clover from the andean mountains, kissed with apple and magnolia on a bed of oakmoss and musk.” Oh my goodness. After a long, cold winter, this is the diffuser that I want to freshen my stuffy bedroom. I can’t wait to open my windows and let the fragrance drift throughout the top floor of my home. It will feel like a retreat to go upstairs and rest in a fruity, floral haven. Just gorgeous.

Voluspa candle new fragrance

Voluspa Apple & Blue Clover Diffuser


The Maison Noir collection has added an intensely luscious new fragrance, Pomegranate Blood Orange. “Ripe pomegranate and ruby blood orange rind, iced with nectarine wedges and brut champagne.”  Doesn’t this burst of fruity citrus sound perfect right now? I would burn this candle as an after dinner treat on cool, spring evenings.

New Voluspa candle fragrance

Voluspa Maison Noir Collection Pomegranate Blood Orange

Finally, new to the Maison Blanc collection is the Prosecco Bellini. With “quartered ripe peaches, sweet pitted apricots muddled with superfine sugar, mixed with crisp iced prosecco,” this scent is exactly right for the countdown to summer fun.

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa Maison Blanc Prosecco Bellini Metallic Tin


The following candles have been discontinued. There is limited stock left at Candles Off Main, so if you see your favorite, swipe it before it’s gone for good!

Orangerie D’Azahar from the Maison Blanc collection has been discontinued.

Voluspa candle discontinued

Voluspa Maison Blanc Orangerie D’Azahar Candle Discontinued

Black Figue & Chypre and Vacarro Orange & Myrrh have been discontinued from the Maison Noir collection. 

Voluspa Candle News

Voluspa Black Figue & Chypre Candle Discontinued

Voluspa Vacarro Orange & Myrrh Discontinued

The Japonica collection is saying goodbye to the Creme de Peche fragrance.

Voluspa Candle News

Voluspa Creme de Peche Discontinued

The L. Florem Collection have been discontinued.

The L. Florem collection includes the following scents:
– Flora di Mare, offering “notes of ozonic air and sea, white blossoms of gardenia, freesia and tuberose, agave, beach salt and shaded tree moss.”

Voluspa Candle News

Voluspa L. Florem Collection Flora Di Mare Discontinued

JPB, (Japanese Plum Blossom), featuring “notes of Japanese plum blossoms, orchard leaves, nectar of plum fruit and crushed currants.”

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa L Florem JPB Candle Discontinued

Taporo, a blend of lime blossoms and leaf, green mandarin rind, cassis and white strawberry.

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa Taporo Hand Cream Discontinued

Temple Grove, a delicious fragrance of apricots, peach fruit and leaves, kumquat, grapefruit rind and citron blossoms.

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa L. Florem Temple Grove, Discontinued

Tiares, with notes of Tahitian gardenia, honeyed milk, coconut husk and fruit, freesia stalks and blooms.

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa L. Florem Tiares Discontinued

Finally, the Maison d’Or collection has been discontinued.

Say goodbye to Atelier Provence Lavande, Citron Vert & Vanille, and Coeur de Cassis.

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa Maison d’Or Collection Atelier Provence Lavande Discontinued

Voluspa candle news

Voluspa Citron Vert & Vanille Discontinued

Voluspa Coeur de Cassis Discontinued


I will miss Creme de Peche and Citron Vert & Vanille, but I am really looking forward to all three of the new fragrances. I will be picking up the new Mandarino Cannela as well, because it’s just too pretty in it’s new packaging. I really want that sleek jar and decadent fragrance in my living room. How about you? What will you miss? How do the new scents sound to you?