While sniffing through Linnea’s Lights holiday releases, I was drawn to the warm cardamom and sticky honey sweetness of Golden Plum. The name immediately roused childhood memories of The Nutcracker– ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ was always my favorite!

The hot, spicy, sugary throw is extremely intoxicating and smells like holiday treats, simmering on the stovetop and baking in the oven. While I’ve never tasted a sugar plum, I’m now extremely tempted- this candle is so yummy and comforting. The gourmand element is perfectly balanced and velvety smooth- I never felt that the scent was cloying or overly sweet.

Linnea’s Lights prides itself on making their candles in small batches and the attention to detail is apparent. The packaging is rustic yet elegant and an adorable mini box of matches is included. The frosted glass vessel glows with flickering twin wicks and impresses with its simplicity.

This brand is quickly becoming my go-to source for a strong, fragrant throw in a short amount of time. The double wicks ensure that the candle melts evenly, without a long wait. None of my Linnea’s Lights candles have ever tunneled. If you live a busy lifestyle and don’t always have a few hours to burn, definitely check out their entire line!

Chrissy Fitzgerald, candle reviewer and publisher at The Downtown Annapolis