When shopping for home fragrance for yourself or to give as a gift, you can’t go wrong with vanilla scented candles. Vanilla layers well, adding creamy, delicious delight to almost any fragrance note. Versatile vanilla can be sweet or sensual, and it works well in any season.

Jonathan Adler Pop Collection Sugar Candle

If you want to enjoy the decadence of yummy, sweet vanilla, pick up a Jonathan Adler Sugar candle from the Pop collection. Susan Adams from Candles Off Main used to work as a baker before entering the world of home fragrance. Upon her first whiff of this indulgent scent, flashbacks of making caramelized sugar came flooding back.

“One of the signature deserts was creme brulee cheesecake with brittle topping. We would make caramelized sugar, let it harden on a sheet pan, and then break it into brittle for a dramatic display on top of the cheesecake. After making 60 or so of those cheesecakes, I really got to know the smell of caramelized sugar. There is a point just before it burns when the fragrance gets really deep and the color turns golden. Wait a few seconds too long and the whole this turns black, smells bitter and burns. But catch it at it’s peak and it’s heaven! That is what the Jonathan Adler Sugar candle smells like to me. Perfectly caramelized sugar. Warm and comforting.”

LAFCO Foyer Candle

Intrigue your house guests by filling the air in your foyer with a combination of familiar vanilla and alluring amber. The LAFCO Foyer candle is aptly named as the candle that asks your guests to come inside and make themselves comfortable. In her review on Candles Off Main, customer Allison from Texas writes, “This beautiful and oh so fabulous smelling candle is my favorite scented candle that I have owned! I do have it placed on a small table in the foyer but the candle could be used throughout the home. We receive compliments on the fragrance every time it is in use! My husband loves it as well since it is not “too girly” I love it because it smells nice even when we are upstairs.”

Aura Muse Candle

To serve vanilla in a deliciously unexpected way, try the Aura Muse candle. Paired with tobacco flower, this wistful scent may bring back memories of sharing an ice cream cone with your grandfather. True to it’s name, the Muse candle is a fabulous gift for the sensitive artist, writer, or musician in your life who will breathe creative new life into the nostalgic remembrances that this scent will inspire. Ryan from Cleveland says,  “I love how the vanilla comes through the strongest in this but that the Tobacco flower gives it a little hint of something almost crisp in it’s unique quality. I love how comforting this is. Very soft and delicate.”


There is something soothing and familiar about vanilla and the versatility that allows this note to be paired or layered with almost anything, makes this fragrance note a people-pleasing hit. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, vanilla can be paired with something sweet, alluring, or unexpected to match any personality.

What is your favorite vanilla scented candle?