Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day candles is a daunting task, but your recipient will appreciate the thought behind these romantic fragrances. I put together this guide of 8 Valentine’s Day candles for him or for her, so you can find the best fragrance for your lover, spouse, parent, or child. I know Valentine’s Day is typically reserved just for amorous relationships, but I love taking the opportunity to give Valentine’s gifts to my closest family members in addition to my husband. Here are some great ideas for fragrance gifts for all of your loved ones.

For Him
Some men have an unabashed love for candles and home fragrance, but candles do not usually spring to mind when brainstorming Valentine’s Day gifts. If the guy in your life has never expressed interest in candles, it’s possible he just hasn’t met the right fragrance yet.

The Boyfriend
Surprise your beau with a great fragrance and enjoy sharing the romantic ambiance that follows when he realizes how fantastic candles really are. Jonathan Adler Bourbon is a sexy, boozy scent that captures the excitement of a burgeoning relationship. With delicious Davana, a rich note that combines woody and vanilla notes, cognac, plum, leather, birch trees, and cedar wood, this intoxicating scent will excite his senses and open your door to fragrant gift options in the future.

Valentine Gifts

Jonathan Adler Pop Bourbon Candle

Hot For Hubby
Cinnamon is known to be an aphrodisiac scent for men. Give your husband an invitation to romance with the Trapp Sexy Cinnamon scent. Most adults are incredibly busy all of the time, but marriage should always be a priority. Use this candle when you carve out couple time. Savor the scent and time to connect, together.

Valentine's Day Candles

Trapp Sexy Cinnamon Candle

Dad’s Favorite
Stay on top of the Dad’s favorite kid list by giving him the gift he didn’t even know he wanted. LAFCO Redwood Den will add handsome style to his office or wherever he likes to retreat in the home. This candle will fill his space with redwood, cedar, and ripe huckleberry for a beautiful but masculine scent. When the wax is gone, this rich brown glass vessel can be used for pens, pocket change, or wrapped candies to hand out to visiting grandchildren or friends.

Valentine's Day Candles For Him

LAFCO Redwood Den Candle

He’ll Always Be Your Little Boy
He was a labor of love, that boy of yours. Let him know you’re always thinking of him with the Votivo Clean Crisp White Candle. This scent will mask any odors that you don’t want to know about when you visit. It will also take him back to the days when he lived at home and his dirty laundry magically reappeared clean, fresh, and folded in his dresser. Enjoy the phone call that follows. “You’re the best, mom.”

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Votivo Clean Crisp White Candle

For Her

Listen up, guys. If the lady in your life is the kind of gal who relishes tokens of affection, romantic notions, and holidays like Valentine’s Day, you need to pay attention. The first rule in not disappointing a woman on Valentine’s Day is never forget about Valentine’s Day. Any effort is appreciated, but a candle paired with a thoughtful note about why you think she will enjoy the scent, and why she deserves it, will score some big Valentine’s Day points. If your fragrance-loving lady hates commercial holidays, honor her wishes and surprise her with a gift of love on the 13th of February instead. Share the same thoughtful sentiments. You won’t regret it.

The Girlfriend
Include the Red Flower Indian Jasmine Petal Topped Candle in a romantic gift basket to treat your girlfriend to an unforgettable evening. The jasmine petals can be used to add fragrance and romance to a bubbly, candlelit bath.

Valentine's Day Candles For Her

Red Flower Indian Jasmine Petal Topped Candle


For Your Better Half
Give your wife a gift that shows her that even after years together, you are still enamored with her.  Give her some beautiful things to enjoy, including the Simpatico Hobnail Petal candle, scented with romantic florals and sultry spices. Magnolia, herbaceous coriander, juniper, clove and cardamom combine for a beautiful and romantic fragrance.

Valentine's Day Candle Gifts For Her

Simpatico Hobnail Petal Scented Candle

Don’t Forget About Mom
Surprise mom with a Seda France French Tulip candle. This fantastically fragrant line created floral perfection with this beautifully housed candle. This blend includes jasmine, rose, lemon, clove, sage and rosewood for incredibly green freshness. Mom will enjoy the fragrance and glow of this candle for 60 wonderful hours.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Seda France French Tulip Candle

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice
Your daughter may be grown up and on her own, but you still think of her as your darling girl. Send a letter of one of your favorite stories from her childhood days along with the beautiful pretty-in-pink Voluspa Bella Sucre Jar Candle. This sweet blend of demerara sugar, tiare flower and coconut milk will complement her afternoon of reminiscing about her sweetest childhood memories.


Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Voluspa Bella Sucre Jar Candle

Valentine’s Day candles make great gifts, whether they are on their own for fragrance-lovers, or as part of a package filled with things that your loved one loves. What candle would you love to unwrap on Valentine’s Day?