Trapp Fragrances Seasonal Collection is here again! (gasp with delight!) Do you give holiday scented candles as gifts or scoop them up for yourself to enjoy? Whoever you are buying for, Trapp Seasonal Candles are sure to please with their selection of seven (all of them popular) scents. While supplies last, Candles Off Main is offering a free seasonal Trapp candle with the purchase of four seasonal Trapp Seasonal Candles. This is a great way to check a few people off of your holiday gift list, and maybe splurge on a candle or two for yourself. All of these fragrances are also available in the top-selling Trapp wax melts as well!

If you aren’t familiar with all of the Trapp Seasonal Fragrances, here’s your olfactory guide:

Fireside Pumpkin
The Trapp Fireside Pumpkin candle blends notes of New England pumpkin, smoky pumpkin spices and glowing embers to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

We know there is no shortage of pumpkin products out there. So why should you choose this one? This pumpkin candle is not the spicy latte of pumpkin candles and, while those are fabulous, sometimes pumpkin lovers want pure pumpkin comfort. Imagine your painted pumpkins lined up on the mantle of a warm fireplace, and you have Trapp’s Fireside Pumpkin.

Golden Cypress
The Trapp Golden Cypress candle offers citron zest, green cypress and Siberian Fir to make you feel like you are surrounded by a wintery forest.

Golden Cypress is great for someone who wants a more subtle tree scent that is not dominated by pine. The pine scent is certainly present and crisp, but the added touch of citron zest brightens the blend, leaving the room feeling airy and fresh.

Lemon Sugar Cookie
The Trapp Lemon Sugar Cookie candle features tart lemon to balance the sweetness of oven-baked cookies drizzled with frosting.

Suppose you need to bake some cookies for a cookie exchange that you forgot about. Oh, and you’re hosting it, too. You look at your calendar and realize that 11 of your friends are coming over in an hour to trade dozens and dozens of homemade cookies. I’m not saying I would pull such shenanigans, but if one were to find themselves in this situation, this candle could save your reputation among the Martha Stewarts in your circle. Call your local bakery and buy a bunch of lemon sugar cookies. Race home and get this candle burning – it won’t be long before your home is filled with the scent of freshly baked cookies. Don’t forget to hide those bakery boxes before the ladies arrive.

Trapp Lemon Sugar Cookie

The Trapp Hearth candle blends notes of autumn leaves, wild black currant, crushed nutmeg and sweet apricot comfort with feelings of family and memories of home.

Trapp’s Hearth candle is the one that I’m excited about this year. I received this candle as a gift last year and fell in love. Sweet but not cloying due to the blend of spice and leaves, this candle smells like September and October to me, but I will be stocking up so I can enjoy my favorite season all year.
Trapp Hearth Candle

Orange Clove
The Trapp Orange Clove candle blends juicy orange and freshly ground clove to warm your senses.

Citrus and spice and everything nice about the holidays in a clear glass vessel of festive cheer. Burn this in the foyer or living room before and during a holiday party and greet guests with this luscious and inviting scent.
Trapp Orange Clove Candle

The Trapp Holiday candle blends cinnamon sticks, spiced raisins and gingerbread to make this a vibrant and spicy blend .

Another delicious gourmand blend from this holiday collection, the Trapp Holiday Candle is a yummy seasonal treat. I feel like there’s just a hint of orange/citrus in this fragrance…which pairs well with the sweet and spicy notes.
Trapp Holiday Candle

White Fir
The Trapp White Fir candle fills your room with the refreshing, cool sensation of a winter frost. Clean, green and the fragrance a Christmas tree brings.

If you choose to decorate with an artificial tree at Christmastime, this candle is a great sidekick to have on hand. You can have all of the green goodness of a real pine tree without the mess of sap and pine needles.
Trapp White Fir Candle

Trapp seasonal candles do not disappoint! Seasonal candles play such an important role in creating a festive ambiance. From the tree scents that evoke sparkling winter forests to the gourmand scents that indulge your senses to guilt-free treats, you don’t want to miss out on Trapp seasonal candles. Stock up on these seasonal treats before they’re gone.

Which will be your signature scent this season?