Despite the many adventures summer brings our way, if you’re like me, the heat can drain us of energy and the excitement we once felt so strongly for this season. I’m there.  We’ve had our warmest week so far and the humidity zaps me of my energy. While  I love my go-to summer fragrances,  I’m beginning to long for memories of past autumns. I love that fragrance can so easily welcome us to a new season. If you’re ready to start transitioning to the pleasures of fall, here are some fragrance ideas for you.

Aura Nomad

NEW Nomad from Aura Candles is a blend of cedar, rosemary, and patchouli. Like a cool evening outdoors, spent with friends around the firepit — the cedar notes really stand out in Nomad. The dark, herbal notes from the rosemary round out the fragrance and the patchouli provides a rich spiciness to create an overall pleasing masculine fragrance.

K. Hall Pomegranate

K. Hall Pomegranate. Reminiscent of the berries you can pick in summer, a juicy, dark, fruity fragrance like pomegranate is perfect as a transition. Patchouli notes in this candle provide a woody and spiciness to the fragrance to create even more of a grounded scent.

Voluspa Moso Bamboo

Voluspa Moso Bamboo. A grassy, green fragrance thanks to moso bamboo accords, made richer with the addition of Japanese cypress, providing just a hint of an evergreen scent. Musk adds a little sweetness and creaminess to create a very calming fragrance.

NEST Vanilla Orchid and Almond

NEST Fragrances Vanilla Orchid & Almond. Warm and nutty notes of almond stand out in this fragrance, while the milky, gourmand addition of the vanilla makes a creamy and slightly sweet affect. You can catch just a hint of peach and apple, along with white orchid that all help to lighten this fragrance to make it more appealing as a transition fragrance.

Linnea’s Lights Cashmere

Linnea’s Lights Cashmere. An all-around favorite fragrance with us, Cashmere will create a warm and inviting environment with fragrance notes of patchouli, vanilla and lime.  The vanilla provides a soothing base on which the spiciness of the patchouli, and the tartness of the lime can build upon. This makes the perfect hostess gift as the scent transcends most fragrance preferences. Truly a scent anyone can and will enjoy!

Trapp Orange Vanilla

Trapp Orange Vanilla. Though a bestseller all year round, this is the perfect season for Trapp Orange Vanilla. The citrus notes of zesty orange are reminiscent of a refreshing summer cocktail, while the sweet creamy vanilla notes provide a rich base without making this classic fragrance overly gourmand.

Trapp Patchouli Sandalwood

Finally, from Trapp — Patchouli Sandalwood is a comforting blend of Asiatic patchouli, sandalwood and cedar. This is a great fragrance to create a relaxing environment. I often burn this fragrance in our bedroom, as there is definitely something sexy about the earthy notes in this Trapp bestseller.

As we prepare for earlier sunsets, cooler, breezy nights I look forward to sitting with a good glass of wine, maybe a book and enjoying the glow of candlelight as I look forward to autumn and the holiday season! If you need any help selecting fragrance, feel free to e-mail me at In the meantime, enjoy those last few trips to the shore and our few remaining summer nights.

-Jenny, Candles Of Main