Thymes Kimono Rose Body LotionA customer of our buys the Thymes Kimono Rose body lotion is massive quantities. She doesn’t wear perfume. She simply puts on the Thymes Kimono Rose body lotion and gets compliments all day long. This was confirmed when her friends started coming in and asking what she buys so they could smell that nice as well. After hearing all of this, I had to give it a try. I put the lotions on my arms and sure enough, the very first person I ran into gave me a compliment about how nice I smelled!! I’m a believer. As a bonus, I really love the Thymes body lotion. It isn’t heavy or greasy but it is super moisturizing.


Thymes Kimono Rose


The Thymes Kimono Rose Collection also features body wash, bar soap, liquid and soap and lotion, rollerball cologne and room spray. Candles are due to arrive sometime mid 2014. Kimono Rose is part of the new Studio Collection by Thymes. With clean design and a modern touch, the new Thymes Studio Collection is hip and perfect for all ages.


 Do you wear scented lotion?


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