The new holiday fragrance from Thymes is here and it couldn’t possibly be more wonderful. Thymes Gingerbread comes in a variety of delightful products, including candles, a diffuser, a sachet, and a room mist.  The perfect blend of warm spicy notes of cardamom, cinnamon, crystallized ginger with hints of golden amber provides “a delectable effect that begs to be savored and shared.”

Some cookie-scented candles can be cloyingly sweet or take on an artificial, chemical scent. Knowing Thymes reputation for quality scents, (hello, Frasier Fir and Lotus Santal!) I knew that this scent would go above and beyond the average cookie. Burning this candle is a true treat. My office space was filled with warmth and comfort, all radiating from the small votive that I chose to test this candle out. I am looking forward to lighting the larger candle in my home to fill my first floor with the scent of warm, delicious cookies that have just come out of the oven.

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Thymes Gingerbread Candle

The Gingerbread Petite Reed Diffuser will fit in perfectly on a fireplace mantle surrounded by Christmas decorations or near an entryway to greet holiday visitors as they walk through the door. This inviting scent will last through the entire holiday season so that your home can be cookie-fresh for all of the people you welcome into your home.

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Thymes Gingerbread Petite Reed Diffuser

The adorable Thymes Gingerbread Ornament Sachet is another flame-free option for bringing this yummy fragrance to your home. This sachet is great to keep in a closet so that you carry the scent everywhere you go, making your coats, scarves, and mittens even cozier. I think it is too cute to keep hidden, so I would recommend placing this sachet somewhere on your Christmas tree for an unexpected waft of sweetness. Think of the memories that will be made as loved ones open gifts while catching whiffs of warm, spicy gingerbread. What a warm, lovely way to recall happy holidays.

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Thymes Gingerbread Ornament Sachet

For a blast of fragrance that is ideal when friends surprise you with a knock on your door, Thymes Gingerbread Room Mist will help create a pleasant ambiance in a hurry. Keep it near the foyer along with a stash of pre-wrapped, untagged candles, on hand in case a guest surprises you with an unexpected gift.

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Thymes Gingerbread Room Mist

I am really excited about this new fragrance from Thymes. While their Frasier Fir is a classic that I will never be without during the holiday season, this addition is a sweet sister fragrance that will add delicious dimension to my holiday scent supply.

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