What are the best Thanksgiving candles? With Christmas hoopla starting earlier and earlier every year, sometimes Thanksgiving is overlooked. Make this day of thanks as memorable as it is meaningful with attention to detail and the right home fragrance for each portion of the day. While you are cleaning, prepping, and trying to pull yourself together, sneak in some self-care with a fragrance that is just for you. After thoughtfully considering everyone’s allergies and aversions for the meal and making everyone’s favorite side dish, light candles that will pair well with the meal that you worked so hard to prepare. After dinner and clean up, wind down with a comfortable scent.

Are you in charge of the big holiday feast? If so, chances are you are waking up with the birds to… well, put one in the oven. You know it’s going to be a long day, but first things first. You need to wake up. How do you take your caffeine?

There are two kinds of people… those who spring out of bed and those who like to ease into their day. If you are the former, there is nothing like a jolt of espresso to get you going. The Simpatico Espresso candle may seem redundant since you do not plan to skip your actual cup of coffee, but this candle will really help awaken all of your senses. The gorgeous brown hobnail vessel will glow with the warm, rich scent of fresh brewed coffee, waking up all of the cells that your liquified caffeine is missing. This divine scent will give you the energy and warmth that you need to prepare for the day ahead.

Thanksgiving Candles

K. Hall Designs Simpatico Espresso

If you are not the kind of person who throws the covers off and jumps feet first into her day, you may want to wake up with something more subtle and light. After hitting the snooze bar for the last time, light an Aquiesse Mandarin Tea candle for a gentle transition from a restful sleep to a smooth, sweet good morning. Clean and refreshing, this is just the scent to burn while you relish a few moments of alone time before your home is bustling with the sounds and smells of a full house on a holiday.

Thanksgiving Candles

Aquiesse Mandarin Tea

Your guests have arrived, the table is set, and dinner is served. When burning candles with dinner, it’s important to either use a scent that will complement the food smells that are swirling together, or to find candles that simply provide ambient light without competing with the aroma.

The Votivo Prairie Sage candle from the French Collection will work beautifully with your Thanksgiving feast. Just imagine the breathing in the lovely aroma of sage, yucca, and berries blending in with the delicious scent of Thanksgiving dressing seasoned with sage, thyme, and parsley. The delicate sweetness of berries is detected when that warm stuffing lands on your tastebuds, and only then will you detect the subtle berry fragrance in this mostly savory fragrance from Votivo.

Thanksgiving Candles

Votivo Prairie Sage

Winner of a Martha Stewart American Made Award, the modern, striped tapered candles from Ana Design can add the warm ambiance of candlelight without fragrance, for those who want to savor the scent of their favorite Thanksgiving foods. These tapers come in a variety of colors to match your decor. I’m partial to the Amber & Oxblood, epitomizing the colors of the season. These drip-resistant 14″ striped tapers have a 14 hour burn time.

Thanksgiving Candles

Ana 3 Band Striped Taper Candles

Once the dishes have been washed and put away and everyone is content with full bellies and warm hearts, you can finally relax. Get cozy on your couch with your favorite person, pet, or blanket and layer these soothing fragrances for a peaceful evening.

Elton John Fireside is insanely popular but I’m going to admit that it is not my favorite scent on it’s own. It smells like a fireplace which is appealing to many but not to me. I decided to experiment with scent and paired it with a Seda France Autumn Spice candle. Fireside adds comforting depth to the sweetness of the Seda candle which is brimming with ground ginger, cinnamon and rich brown sugar. Together, these candles combine to create a fragrance that matches my post-holiday mood. Content with the taste of dessert still on my lips and cozy from a day of heartfelt conversations with the people I love most.

Thanksgiving Candles

Elton John Nest Fireside

Thanksgiving Candles

Seda France Epices de Saison (Autumn Spice) Candle

Don’t let Thanksgiving get the fragrance shaft! Christmas is right around the corner, but this day of giving thanks should be savored slowly with all of our senses. Which candles will you try for Thanksgiving?