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Mon April 6

Lighten Up With These Best Selling Candles For Spring

The best selling candles for the month of March showed that candle lovers are enjoying sweet, fresh scents for […]

Thu March 26

Candle DIY Project | Fairy Jar House

I have written before about candle diy projects. I’m always looking for new ways to upcycle an item instead […]

Thu March 5

Spring Ahead With These Best Selling Candles

It’s almost time to spring ahead for Daylight Savings Time. The best selling candles at Candles Off Main customers […]

Mon March 2

Golden Glow of Amber | Voluspa Baltic Amber and More

What do you know about amber? Have you ever held a piece of amber? It is smooth, golden, and […]

Tue February 24

Reuse Candle Jars With Simple DIY Projects

If you love candles and hate waste, this post is for you.  Once the wax is gone, there are […]

Mon February 23

Voluspa candles | What’s New?

Calling all Voluspa candle lovers. Lots of news from this line! An old favorite that was previously discontinued is […]

Thu February 19

Sign Scents | A Pisces Candle

Happy birthday Pisces candle lovers! Pisceans are adaptable creatures with imaginative brains and deeply sensitive souls. Easygoing Pisces are […]

Fri January 30

Valentine’s Day Candles | 2015 Gift Guide

Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day candles is a daunting task, but your recipient will appreciate the thought behind […]

Tue January 27

Out With The Old, In With The New Candles 2015

It’s time to say goodbye to some retired fragrances and find out about exciting new candles that will soon […]

Thu January 8

Warm Up With Winter’s Best Candles

Some say that winter is the best time to enjoy candles. It is amazing how the tiny flicker of […]