When the chilliness of winter continues into spring, those first blooms offer hope for a taste of warmer weather, hopefully just around the corner.

In hour house, the heat may still be on for a few more weeks — but we can enjoy the first flowers of spring both outside and in, thanks to many lovely home fragrance options. I’m always rotating fragrance in my home. Here’s what I’ve been absolutely loving…

Antica Farmacista Sakura

Antica Farmacista Sakura is new to Candles Off Main, but is a long-standing favorite to Antica Farmacista fans. Sakura celebrates the epitome of spring in Japan (and here in D.C.) with light floral notes of cherry blossom, balanced with fresh water notes, earthy musk, and warm amber. We love Antica Farmacista products for their truly strong fragrance throw and staying power. They do not disappoint!


Voluspa Japanese Plum Bloom

Voluspa Japanese Plum Bloom celebrates another Spring flower popular in Japan. Plum trees erupt in small, fragrant white blooms in late winter to early spring.  The light floral is paired nicely with the fruity notes of juicy plums and tart cherries. Perfect for the candle lover who loves both florals and fruity fragrances. Share spring with friends with the Japanese Plum Bloom mini tin (great gifts) or enjoy 150+ hours of burn time with the large jar. My favorite is the 3-wick tin! 


LAFCO Guest Room (Daffodil)

Some of the first tubers to pop out of the ground, the bright fragrance of daffodils are encapsulated in this cheerful fragrance from LAFCO. An uplifting blend of daffodils, daisies, orange blossom and honeysuckle, your mood will be brightened if you still have a few more weeks of cold to endure. (And isn’t the hand blown bright yellow glass just so cheery!?)

NEST White Camellia

The time of year when my camellia shrub blooms is something I greatly look forward to. The quantity and size of the blooms amaze me every spring! NEST fragrances perfectly captures the essence of camellia in one of their newest fragrances, White Camellia. This floral trio of camellia, wisteria, and Indonesian jasmine, is perfectly balanced with white tea and amber to create a sophisticated fragrance that truly represents spring. And what better way to enjoy spring than with this Limited Edition 3-Wick!


Archipelago Botanicals Charleston

A fragrant blend of hyacinth, white jasmine, and tuberose, Charleston from Archipelago Botanicals offers a hearty floral fragrance, ready to fill your home with the abundance of spring florals.

So, there you have it! Welcome spring into your home with these early bloomers. Soft florals that will surely bring the freshness of spring to your space and cure any cold weather blues you may be experiencing!