The weather is finally nice enough to open the doors and windows, and let the fresh air in. Spring air is welcomed indoors to freshen the home and get rid of the stale winter air that has been trapped inside for months.

Just like freshening up the house this time of year, I also love to freshen up my home fragrance. The deep, rich scents of winter seem too dark for the change of seasons; I need something lighter. But I don’t like overly floral fragrances that may make visitors think I’m trying to hide or mask odors. I love the clean, breath-of-fresh-air smells that make you breathe deep and say, “ahhhh.”

Here are my picks for “Spring Cleaning” fragrances that bring freshness and cleanness to your home.


Aquiesse Luxe Linen – Linen and sandalwood create a warm and creamy fragrance, inviting all to take a deep breath and relax.

Aura Luxe  – Another creamy and warm fragrance,  Luxe  is composed of amber, sandalwood and coconut milk, creating a slightly sweet fragrance.

Capri Blue Blue Jean – A bright yet warm fragrance thanks to notes of citrus, white musk and patchouli.

K. Hall  Washed Cotton – A “clean laundry” scent that combines chamomile and lavender to create a light floral fragrance.

Trapp Water – Aquatic notes make a watery fragrance that is fresh and energizing.

Voluspa Suede Blanc

Voluspa Suede Blanc –  A rich and decadent scent, composed of soft leather and cedar.

Votivo Clean Crisp White

Votivo Clean Crisp White – A quintessential clean fragrance that will remind you of sun-dried linen. A little sweet and a little floral to create this lovely fragrance.

So as you begin your Spring cleaning regimen, don’t forget to freshen up your home fragrance as well.  These scents will rejuvenate your home. So open up the windows and let the fresh air in!