Happy birthday Pisces candle lovers! Pisceans are adaptable creatures with imaginative brains and deeply sensitive souls. Easygoing Pisces are not pretentious by any measure. Pisces love to daydream and seek solitude so they can get lost in a novel or their thoughts. What candle works best for Pisces? Pisces will adapt to any surrounding, but we don’t want them to be a fish out of water. If your Pisces friend is celebrating a birthday, give him or her the gift of a candle fit for Pisces.

Voluspa Laguna is the perfect Pisces candle. This scent is beautifully packaged in the tall ceramic vessel that will burn for 120 hours. Made with a blend of coconut, soy, and apricot wax, this candle gives off a fresh, beachy scent that recalls warm Santa Ana winds, blending the warm desert sands with magnificent Pacific Ocean.

Pisces Candle

Voluspa Laguna Ceramic Candle

Famous Sensitive and Lovable Pisceans To Whom I Would Gift A Laguna Candle If I Could

Drew Barrymore
Rob Lowe
Jon Bon Jovi
Ellen Page
Eva Mendes
Jon Hamm

Are you a Pisces? Do you think you would love these fragrances? What is your signature scent, Pisces?