Did you know that November is National Candle Month? With the temperatures dropping, it’s no surprise that we all turn to candles for a little extra warmth. Nest’s Pumpkin Chai continues to make the top sellers list for the month, while some holiday scents are starting to fly off of the shelves.

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Nest Pumpkin Chai

The top three for the month of October include an unseasonal surprise of lavender. Votivo St. Germaine En Laye Lavender is such a lovely scent. We’re sure these pretty little packages will make delightful gifts for many this holiday season. Affordable, light, and delicate, this candle is lovely all year long.


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Votivo St Germain En Laye Lavender French Collection

Nest Holiday is back in stock, but this uber popular limited scent is shipping out to customers as fast as we’re receiving them. Have you tried this incredibly festive blend of mandarin orange, cinnamon, pine and eucalyptus? So many customers return to this scent every year because it really captures the spirit of the holidays. Rather than overwhelming the room with pine notes, this scent adds a little spice and sweetness for a more nuanced effect.

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Nest Holiday Candle

Rounding out the top three is the Voluspa Black Figue & Chypre. This scent is perfect for seductive autumn evenings. The rich sweetness currant and black fig combine with the sexy notes of chypre, adding a woodsy note with a touch of citrus.

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Voluspa Black Figue & Chypre

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