Happy Birthday, Aries candle lovers! I feel qualified to select the best fragrance for Aries since I was born under this sign. I don’t think that I share all of the Aries traits, but after many years of reading Aries horoscopes, I have an idea of what we’re supposed to like. Fire sign Aries is the first in the astrological calendar year. Aries are born leaders who are passionate about the people and things that they love. Red Flower makes a candle that matches the bold, adventurous personality of Aries.

The blazing red-orange wax of Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Petal Topped Candles attracts fire-filled rams. Once lit, the vibrant scent of Italian blood oranges enhances Aries’ positive energetic vibe. The petals that come with this candle can be used in a bath, as decoration on a table, or used as an offering in a small bowl. If you gift this candle to an Aries, don’t be surprised if they find an unusual way to display or repurpose the lovely, dried petals. Red Flower suggests placing the petals in a larger bowl filled with hot water and almond oil, and soaking your fingers in the bowl. Rub the petals with your fingers to release the fragrant oil and enjoy the scent on your skin for the rest of the day.


Red Flower Aries Candle

Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Petal Topped Candle


Some Famous Aries Folks Who Might Enjoy Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Petal Topped Candles

Emma Watson, Gloria Steinem, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, Robert Downey, Jr.
Now this is a fiery group of trend-setting, passionate Aries personalities!

Are you an Aries? Do you think you would love this fragrance? What is your signature scent, Aries?