We’ve been having some unseasonably warm weather on the East Coast, teasing us with the taste of spring. And while its a little too cool to open the windows, I’ve been burning citrus scents to brighten and freshen my home, creating a lasting, fresh environment. It is true that citrus based scents are most commonly used as kitchen fragrances to offset cooking odor but I do find that citrus fragrances are also very inviting for large living spaces, entry ways and bathrooms. Because any fragrance with citrus is generally ‘bright’ in nature, I generally don’t enjoy them in my bedroom, where I’m looking to enjoy a scent that’s more calming and less stimulating.

If you’re not sure where to start in your search for fragranced candles to make your home feel bright — here’s a collection of my favorite scents to use, no matter the season.

Kismet: A brand new favorite of mine… say “hello” to Kismet by Mer Sea Co. featuring mandarin, rose, jasmine and currant. While this isn’t what you’d consider a traditional ‘citrus,’ I’d classify this floral bouquet in the light and fresh citrus family. Intoxicating and invigorating!


Trapp Lemongrass Verbena is a scintillating blend of citrus and floral.  With notes of Asian lemongrass, Brazilian verbena and just a hint of vanilla, this blend will fill your room, and home with the sweet smell of Spring. To me, the lemongrass in this blend is more defined than the verbena when burning.


LAFCO Cabana (White Grapefruit) is a complex blend of white grapefruit, musk and fresh fern leaves. I love that this LAFCO candle provides such a well-balanced experience; as the grapefruit notes are balanced by musky mid-notes with a hint of green (from the fern).

K. Hall Studio Fir & Grapefruit, though wildly popular in the holiday season, K. Hall Studio Fir & Grapefruit is perfect year-round for its overwhelmingly fresh notes. Put your hands together for K. Hall’s unique creation; adding sweet, juicy grapefruit to fir (pine) is such a creative and much enjoyed idea.

NEST Grapefruit: If you are looking for a continuous freshness that fills your home, the NEST Grapefruit diffuser is a must-try.  I cannot emphasize enough that NEST diffusers are incredibly fragrant. NEST Grapefruit is a sophisticated and complex blend of pink pomelo grapefruit, Lily of the Valley, coriander blossom, and green notes. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in Palm Springs! (That’s what I do!)


Aura Radiant: A vibrant blend of grapefruit, goji berry, and bergamot, Aura Radiant is a playful, citrusy sweet delight! Goji is a nice pairing with grapefruit and this is one of my favorite candles.  When I burn this candle, I always have an extra pep in my step!

My husband’s favorite citrus candle is most certainly Persian Lime by Linnea’s Lights. I had better give this lime-inspired scent a shout out on his behalf. Personally, the lime is too bright for me — but if, like Michael, you love lime and a well crafted citrus, this candle is exceptionally made. Great throw!

Luxury class candles like these are a must-have when decorating your home with scent. With radiating scent that invigorates and inspires — citrus fragrances should be a staple in your candle burning rotation. As we enjoy the impending change of seasons, I hope you find a fresh favorite here.  P.S. Check out an expanded selection of citrus favorites at Candles Off Main — just in time for spring.

Jenny | Owner and Curator, Candles Off Main