Are you sipping a pumpkin latte while pinning pumpkin pie recipes on Pinterest? Pumpkin season is upon us and there are countless pumpkin spiced incarnations of so many things…  coffee, beer, cookies, candy…  I would try every pumpkin kissed product out there, but gorging on too many gourd-inspired products isn’t a great idea. For a guilt-free seasonal treat, enjoy any of these delicious pumpkin candles, diffusers, or wax melts for a yummy, gourmand indulgence that will last all season long. Having a hard time choosing between these great fragrances? We have a simple quiz that will help you discover which pumpkin candle you should try first. Answer three simple questions and tell us in the comments which pumpkin fragrance you are!


Linnea’s Lights Pumpkin Candle is simple and sweet. The fragrance is packs a powerful punch of pumpkin and will have everyone in your home wondering what you have baking in the oven.


Nest Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle is as popular as those pumpkin spice lattes that we love so much. This contemporary candle is super fragrant and spicy, and warm.

For effortless fragrance that captures the autumnal spirit of pumpkin, try the Nest Pumpkin Chai Diffuser. Diffusers are wonderful for busy professionals who spend little time at home, but still want their homes to smell beautiful without worrying about extinguishing a flame. Gift this scrumptious diffuser to the bustling business person in your life.


Sophisticated palates will appreciate the decadent blend of Votivo’s Spiced Chai. We feel that there’s more cinnamon and vanilla in this fragrance, when compared to NEST’s Pumpkin Chai scent. This candle screams October and November to me. The classic Votivo vessel and natural wax color fits in perfectly into any setting for fall,  as I fill my home with autumnal decorations of brown and orange. This candle is the luxurious way to celebrate the season.


The Trapp Fireside Pumpkin Candle is a wildly popular new addition this year. This scent captures the feeling of sharing your Thanksgiving feast in your grandmother’s home with a fire burning in the fireplace, and pumpkin pie warming in the oven.

The New Trapp Fireside Pumpkin Wax Melts can be used in any wax warmer to provide long-lasting fragrance. You can pair the pumpkin melt with Trapp’s Sexy Cinnamon Melts for an extra kick of spice.

 Don’t forget to comment below with the fragrance you got in our quiz!