In early 2014, Voluspa launched the new Maison Jardin Collection. This is the fifth Maison Collection by Voluspa, arriving after Maison Noir, Maison Blanc, Maison Rouge and Maison D’or. The Jardin Collection features 4 previous best-selling Voluspa fragrances: Yuzu Rose Bubblebath, Sake Lemon Flower, White Jasmine Sambac and Linden Blond Tabac.


Voluspa Maison Jardin Fragrances

Voluspa Yuzu Rose Stonecrop (formerly Yuzu Rose Bubblebath) is a fun and lively blend of juicy yuzu grapefruit and Tuscan roses that is surrounded by stonecrop, lavender and tart white strawberries.
This is a youthful blend of rose and grapefruit. Perfect anytime, day or night, and for any room. The spray would be lovely as a body spritz in the summer. Dave and I both really enjoyed this fragrance. It’s not too sweet or too floral, just perfectly balanced and very fragrant. We highly recommend it!

Voluspa Sake Lemon Flower kept its original name so it’s easily recognizable. It’s an exotic blend of zesty lemon rind and crisp rice sake wine that is softened with lemon flower and coconut husk. The coconut adds a nice creaminess to the scent that really comes out when burning. If you like creamy lemon fragrances this one is a good fit for you. This Voluspa candle also works well any time of day and anywhere. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something a little different for your bathroom or kitchen.

Voluspa Amaranth & Jasmine (formerly White Jasmine Sambac) is bursting with luxurious petals of rare pink jasmine and a touch of amaranth. This fragrance is infused with essential oil for an authentic fragrance and is earthy and kind.

Voluspa Linden Dark Moss (formerly Linden Blond Tabac) is a delicate blend of linden branch and leaf with warm blond tabac and water moss. Of the four fragrances in this collection, Linden Dark Moss is the most unisex. It has a neutral, watery, mossy appeal that is contrasted with soft tobacco notes. 

All of these fragrances are available in the classic size (12oz jar), 2-wick tin, votive candle, room and body spray, and diffuser. All Voluspa candles are available at

What fragrances would you love to see Voluspa bring back from the vault and add to the Maison Jardin Collection?