What’s New?
New look, New Sizes, New Fragrances!


Vermeil is essentially a combination of sterling silver and gold. It is shiny, metallic, flashy, and just plain fabulous if you ask me. Wearing jewelry that is crafted out of vermeil, for instance, can give you a sense of luxury, lavishness, and beauty. I get this same luxurious sense when burning the newest additions to the Voluspa Vermeil CollectionAurantia & Blackberry, Casa Pacifica, and Incognito.


Aurantia & Blackberry:

With hints of aurantia tree wood, ripe blackberry, and sweet acai, this candle emits a fragrance so bold and citrusy, you will be hesitant to blow it out. To me, it quite literally smells like a fruity smoothie sitting on your kitchen counter waiting to quench your thirst. It is very refreshing and will leave you feeling energized and ready to embrace whatever the day may bring.


Casa Pacifica:

When burned, Casa Pacifica will take you straight to the shores of the California beaches- and if you close your eyes, you can almost feel the heat of the sun and the sand between your toes. You inhale the sweet smells of the sea salt and fresh ocean breeze. This candle is a must-have for all beach lovers.



The name itself creates a feeling of mystery and surprise, which is exactly the sense I get when I burn this candle. Crafted with extraordinary fragrances such as sweet amber, black patchouli, and rare oud, Incognito emits a soft fragrance that is spicy, musky, and mysterious that will leave you wanting more.

As you know, the Voluspa Vermeil Collection has been incredibly popular for years now. Some of our very favorite fragrances (like Bourbon Vanille) are a part of this top-selling collection. With this re-launch of the collection, there are a few other changes to tell you about….

First, Champagne Rose is now Prosecco Rose. Same fragrance — new great look! Additionally, we are saying goodbye to Ponderosa, Clove Pomander and Chestnut & Vetiver.  The candle wax in this collection is now white. While you might be used to the colored wax used in the Voluspa Vermeil Collection, I think the switch to non-colored wax is for the best. In general, white wax does provide for a cleaner burn — since there are no dyes to clog the candle wick. Finally, the 3-wick tins have been replaced by a very stylish new 2-wick tin.

I hope you love the new Voluspa Vermeil fragrances as much as I do. Every fragrance sparkles — just like the vermeil style vessels that hold these luxury fragrances.


Contributor, Bon Bougie