Hearth by NEST completely embodies and embraces the rustic charm of an evening well-spent by a crackling, smoky fire. It’s an escape to a countryside cabin, glowing under a starry night sky.

This isn’t a toned down hearth fragrance- this is a fireplace in a jar. The warm, amber glass vessel is striped with bright gold, and the velvety, chocolate brown wax is richly infused with intoxicating oud wood and frankincense. It burns down slowly but evenly, and the scent lingers long after the flame is snuffed.

Even the box is covered in a wood grain pattern, and accented with red and gold! There’s something nostalgic and masculine about this candle. It reminds me of my grandfather, and listening to his war stories in the library. The heady scent of smoldering firewood has a way of stirring long-forgotten memories!

I love every NEST fragrance in its own way, but I’ve always been a sucker for smoke and wood notes. Hearth is no exception- it’s shamelessly itself. Now I can’t imagine spending the holidays without this one!  

Chrissy Fitzgerald, candle reviewer and publisher at The Downtown Annapolis