Did winter seem to last forever where you are? Spring is finally here in the Mid-Atlantic and some of our favorite home fragrance lines have new scents to help us celebrate the new season. The new Aura and Nest candles are going to be huge hits, while the new Lampe Berger fragrances are already flying off of the shelves.

Nest candles are always my go-to when I want a powerful throw of fragrance. They always deliver beautiful fragrance, but I was floored when I took a whiff of the newest scents. Cedar Leaf and Lavender may have replaced Bamboo as my all-time favorite Nest candle. Within minutes of lighting this candle, my whole office space smelled absolutely heavenly. The Ocean Mist & Sea Salt scent will serve as a great reminder of my favorite place in the world, the beach. Imagine walking on sun-warmed sand with a cold coconut cocktail in hand and feeling a cool ocean wave catch your toes before rushing back to the great big sea. This is what I want to think about when I am relaxing at home, so the Ocean Mist & Sea Salt candle is the Nest candle that I will burn when I need a mental vacation.

Refreshing and romantic, rosemary, lavender and sage are are gently balanced with cedar leaves and a touch of eucalyptus.

NEST Fragrances Cedar Leaf & Lavender Candle

Refreshing and clean, the gentle essence of ocean mist is peppered with hints of sea salt, crisp white tea and luscious coconut.

Nest Ocean Mist & Sea Salt

In other important Nest news, the company has welcomed Nancy McKay as the new Chief Executive Officer while founder Laura Slatkin has moved up to Executive Chairman. Nest Fragrances has experienced tremendous growth in a relatively short period of time. With the leadership of McKay who has many years of experience with Estee Lauder, we are looking forward to watching Nest grow even more. We think the whole world should know the joy of burning a Nest candle, and they are well on their way to sharing this fantastic line of products globally.

Coming soon to Candles Off Main, two great new scents from Aura Candles with names that embody the Southern California vibe where they are made. This line does a great job matching the right fragrance notes with the scent’s name. I’m especially excited to sample Chill with lovely lavender, thyme, and cedarwood. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? Luxe is described as comforting and luxurious with notes of coconut milk, sandalwood, and amber. This sounds like the perfect candle to burn while soaking in a hot, bubbly tub.

Aura Chill

Aura Luxe

Finally, the new scents from Lampe Berger which I featured last week, are doing very well at Candles Off Main. Who wouldn’t be attracted to scents like Magnificent Vetiver and Amber Elegance? A couple of customers have called in to say that Magnificent Vetiver is the best spring scent. If you are a Lampe Berger user, these new fragrances will not disappoint.


Lampe Berger Magnificent Vetiver

Lampe Berger Amber Elegance

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