One of the newest fragrances from NEST Fragrances, and also perfect for the chilly winter months, is Cashmere Suede. Prior to its introduction, the NEST home fragrance collection was in need of a hearty wood fragrance, and Cashmere Suede definitely fills that void.

Cashmere Suede

Of course, NEST does floral SO well. But we’re happy to see such a bold, woody scent from NEST. Warmth is what Cashmere Suede exudes with notes of cashmere woods, tobacco leaves, and black amber. Bergamot and fig provide a slight hint of brightness to balance out the woody notes. Cashmere Suede is such a unique and complex fragrance — that will keep you intrigued long after you have first lit it. As always, NEST has delivered! Ask for a free scent sample from Candles Off Main. Shop all NEST scents at