Many of us recall childhood memories when we capture the scent of something sweet and yummy. From our first taste of something completely new and wonderful to chatting with your grandmother over tea while waiting for baked goods to rise in the oven, delicious smells help create lifelong memories of lovely experiences. Lampe Berger oil comes in a variety of fragrances, including some incredible scents that will whisk you away to simpler times that live on in your mind.

Imagine the greatness of the first bite of  an indulgent dessert to cap off an incredible meal. You are expecting sweetness, but you are still delightfully surprised by the decadent explosion of flavor on your taste buds.  Now imagine having your first taste of chocolate, ever. Have you ever watched a toddler eat chocolate? It’s melting and messy and all over the place, but clearly, that kid is in gustatory heaven. Lampe Berger Chocolate Sweetness Fragrance Oil will help you recall the joy of your taste buds meeting chocolate for the very first time, minus the mess.

Lampe Berger Chocolate Sweetness Fragrance Oil

When I was a tiny 8 year old entrepreneur, I decided to earn some money so that I could… well, have money. To make sure my piggy bank was heavy and full, I built a lemonade stand, complete with a sign that included an upside down e. I knew better, but it seemed more charming that way.  While I was motivated by money, it was deeply satisfying to see how much my customers enjoyed the thirst-quenching marriage of tart lemons and sugar that I created for them. I love using lemon scents throughout the year, because no other scent is as clean and refreshing to me. I love how the scent of the Lampe Berger Lemon Bubbles Fragrance Oil sends me back to my first business as a second grade lemonade peddler.
Lampe Berger Lemon Bubbles Fragrance Oil

A few years later, I was more aware of the significance of the memories that I was creating. Every winter my grandmother would visit for the whole month of December. We would spend hours baking after school and on the weekends. We made Christmas cookies for friends, pies for holiday gatherings, and she shared favorite family recipes that were written on a weathered recipe card. There was something special about learning how to recreate beloved treats that my family enjoyed for years before I was around. Lampe Berger Savory Apple Tart brings a flood of memories back, not only of the delicious scent and flavor of our baked goods, but of the conversations, laughs, and tears that we shared while making them.

Lampe Berger Savory Apple Tart Fragrance Oil

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Which scents remind you of childhood? Comment below with your favorite scents and what they remind you of.