It’s easy to see why LAFCO’s Sea and Dune (Beach House) fragrance is a top selling fragrance each summer. Notes of sea grasses mixed with salty sea air, Beach House perfectly captures a day at the shore. What says “summer” more than that?

But did you know LAFCO’s House and Home Collection includes more than a dozen fragrances, especially popular in the sizzling summer months.

Here’s a quick summary of LAFCO’s warm weather favorites. Get ready to delight your senses!

LAFCO Marine

LAFCO’s Marine (Bathroom) –  A fresh and clean take on an oceanic fragrance, Marine is a watery and airy scent with hints of cucumber; truly a breath of fresh air. Bright, yet calming — Marine is perfect for keeping your home feeling fresh all day long.

LAFCO Amber Sea Foam

LAFCO’s Amber Sea Foam (Cottage House) – Warm amber and floral ylang-ylang combine in this fragrance to create an intoxicating and slightly sweet marine fragrance. Dim the lights and let this sensual fragrance surprise you!

LAFCO Moonglow Apricot

LAFCO’s Moonglow Apricot (Sun Room) – A refreshing and sweet fragrance, with notes of sun-kissed apricot, lychee, and white tea –you will imagine you are lying in a hammock, sipping a cold glass of iced tea.

LAFCO White Grapefruit


LAFCO’s White Grapefruit  (Cabana) — Escape to a poolside retreat with a zesty cocktail.  Enjoy this beautiful fragrance composed of white grapefruit, musk and fresh fern leaves.

LAFCO Geranium Mint

LAFCO’s Geranium Mint (Patio) – Spending time cultivating a patio garden this summer? The Geranium Mint fragrance perfectly reflects the scents of a summer garden, with fresh, green notes of white geranium and mint leaves.

LAFCO Wine Room

LAFCO’s Black Pomegranate (Wine Room) –  This dark, rich berry fragrance combined with juicy pomegranate make LAFCO’s Black Pomegranate a delectable treat. You’ll be thinking of your favorite vintage while sampling the rich fragrance notes in this new scent from LAFCO. Lasting longer than any bottle of wine, this candle will take you through the transition from summer to the cooler fall months.


As much as we love the summer months, LAFCO has developed truly luxurious fragrances for every season.  Trips to the beach, vineyard tours and dips in the pool may come to an end as summer turns into fall, but be assured,  there will be sophisticated fragrance from LAFCO New York to choose from no matter the season.