LAFCO (Luxury Articles & Fragrance Company) was founded more than 20 years ago by Jon Bresler when he chose to quit his job as a lawyer to pursue his passion for body care products. He studied alchemy and perfumery on his own, and trained with the best creators of skincare and perfume in Europe. Hoping to create a European apothecary experience at home in New York, Bresler imported high quality, luxurious home fragrance products such as candles, diffusers, and soaps. In 2002, Vincent LaRouche joined LAFCO as Creative Director. His experience as an artist and designer of Parisian couture was the perfect fit for Bresler’s vision, and the two began to develop original products. In 2007, they launched the House & Home Collection that we know and love. Their simple concept was to give customers a beautiful hand blown glass vessel, a generous burn time and just the right scent for every room and home. LAFCO candles, diffusers, and soaps have appeared in Oprah’s Favorite Things lists, as well as countless gift guides and magazines. The candles and diffusers are housed in beautiful hand-blown art glass vessels that can be treasured after the fragrance is used. The products in these gorgeous vessels are well worth the price. The diffusers last for several months, while the soy candles burn for more than 90 hours. LAFCO candles are highly fragranced with creative scents that will fill a room with an air of sophistication.

Three of the top selling LAFCO fragrances at Candles Off Main include Office (Rosemary Eucalyptus), Beach House (Sand & Dune), and Kitchen (Orange Cilantro).  We love that every candle and diffuser leaves you with a gorgeous vase or catchall. These three best-sellers come in gorgeous colors that are just a small sampling of what LAFCO has to offer.

LAFCO Office is perfect for a home office or an office outside of the home. Without the worry of a flame to extinguish, this beautiful lime colored vessel delivers long-lasting energizing fragrance of rosemary and eucalyptus. This is a great gift for the breadwinner in your family, to show your appreciation for the hard work that they do – and to help them keep at it.

LAFCO diffusers

LAFCO Office Diffuser Rosemary Eucalyptus

Candles Off Main customer Deb from Ohio wrote a review about the Sand and Dune fragrance of LAFCO Beach House that I completely agree with. This scent is so fresh and really captures the essence of summers by the sea.

This scent is stunning. My son introduced me to it and I have been obsessed since. This fragrance is the perfect beach scent that almost anyone would love. It is sheer elegance and reminds me of being on the beach in the summer, basking in the sun. It is slightly masculine yet light enough to be unisex. The vessel is gorgeous. I love the color. This is by far our favorite Lafco fragrance. Perfect year round although it is a beachy scent. Really fills the house and freshens things up.”

LAFCO Candles

LAFCO Beach House Sand & Dune

There aren’t a lot of candles that you can burn in a kitchen that will complement cooking aromas instead of competing with them. Cilantro, mandarin and watercress come together in LAFCO Kitchen for a surprisingly palatable blend. The orange glass is so lively and fun. I would leave it in the kitchen for a little burst of sunshine and use it as a small utensil holder or to plant an herb like the cilantro or basil.

LAFCO Candles Kitchen Orange Cilantro

Bon Bougie Honorable Mentions
LAFCO’s Music Room is simply one of our favorite fragrances!  The Fleur de Baies (flower berries)  fragrance is described as “an original blend of bayberry leaves, wild roses, and black currants with touches of raspberry.” After burning this candle for a week in my home, I was compelled to leave a review on the Candles Off Main site, one customer has told us. “This candle smells like a beautiful rehearsal space where tiny cherubs perfect their violin skills. The scent filled my room quickly and lasted for a long time, but it wasn’t heady and overpowering. Just gorgeous and with a 90 hour burn time, well worth the money.”

LAFCO candles

LAFCO Music Room Fleur de Baies

In 2012, LAFCO was selected as Oprah’s #Favorite Thing saying, “This luxuriously oversize, deliciously scented soap is my new go-to gift.” The quadruple milled bar soap is made in Italy with a pure 100% vegetable base, containing 14% olive oil, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil. There is a customer at Candles Off Main who frequently orders LAFCO Powder Room soaps for herself and to give as gifts. I decided to test the soap out for myself to see what the fuss was about. It really is a decadent feeling to lather my hands with the sweet floral scent of my favorite flower, peonies, filling the air.


LAFCO Powder Room Duchess Peony


Which of these fragrances have you tried and loved? Which is next on your list? If you are curious about any of these scents, remember that Candles Off Main offers three free scent samples with any purchase, or for less than $2, you can request up to ten samples. Sniff for yourself and let us know which LAFCO Fragrance you love the most.