Which scent works best when burning kitchen candles? Throughout the rest of the home, people typically choose fresh scents like florals and water scents, but the kitchen is a space where you can have fun with food-inspired scents. I’ve rounded up the best candle for each of the following foodie categories: Vanilla, Fruity, Coffee, Tea, Citrus, and Herbs.

Scented with milk, oatmeal, vanilla, and vetiver, the K Hall Barr-Co Original candle is divine and delicious. This scent will complement any confections baking in the oven with an air of warm sugar.

K Hall Barr Co Original Candle


The Archipelago Pineapple Ginger candle is so popular all year. A refreshing splash of citrus is always welcome in the kitchen, but this scent is especially delightful with a fruity beverage in the summertime.

kitchen candles

Archipelago Pineapple Ginger Candle

Simpatico Espresso is a great way to enjoy the glorious scent of coffee any time of day, without the jolt of caffeine.

Kitchen candles

Simpatico Hobnail Espresso Candle

Tocca Bianca is a gorgeous combination of green tea and lemon. The pretty, elegant blue, white, and gold container brings delicate beauty to a table, while the fragrance is warm and inviting. This is a great fragrance to burn for afternoon guests.

Kitchen candles

Tocca Bianca Candle

Breakfast Room/Berry Citrus is one of LAFCO’s strong-scented candles named after the room from which it is inspired. This scent reminds me of colorful blackberries, raspberries, and mandarin orange slices served in a crisp white bowl on a late Sunday morning. This pretty candle jar can be reused in the kitchen to store short cooking utensils like peelers, can openers, etc., or as a sweet vase to be filled with garden blooms throughout the spring and summer.

LAFCO Breakfast Room Berry Citrus

Holly from Oregon says of the Votivo Rosemary Garden candle, “The essence of this candle is COOKING! I love cooking and this reminds me of roasting fresh sweet red potatoes with the rosemary from the garden. I just love it when a candle really DOES smell like it says, and this one does!” This is a great candle to burn for evening meals, as the scent will not compete with the savory dinner dishes you are serving.

Votivo Rosemary Garden

 Which scents do you love in the kitchen?