Fill your home with the classic, beloved fragrance of jasmine using any of these three featured jasmine candles. This versatile note adds intrigue to any atmosphere, but is especially welcoming in a foyer or the bedroom.  Choose a romantic blend like Belle Fleur Jasmine Verbena to set the perfect ambiance for intimate moonlit evenings. Create an inviting welcome in your home’s main entryway with a Nest Bamboo candle. Bring a fruity burst of playfulness blended with the alluring aroma of jasmine with the Votivo Jasmine Neroli candle.

Belle Fleur Jasmine Verbena Candle

The jasmine fragrance has always been used to create an aura of enchantment. Before drifting down the Nile River, the sails of Cleopatra’s fleet were filled with jasmine so that Mark Antony would be under her spell before her arrival. Follow Cleo’s lead and put your flame under your seductive spell with the intoxicating Belle Fleur Jasmine Verbena candle. This fragrance has a 45-50 hour burn time, turning your bedroom into a long-lasting haven of romance.



Nest Bamboo 3 Wick Candle

Make an abiding first impression for your house guests with a Nest Bamboo 3 Wick Candle. Let the beautiful blend of floral, citrus, and green accords work together to provide your friends and family with a fresh welcome. Customers are completely in love with this bright jasmine candle, for their own homes or as a housewarming gift.

“This is such a great fresh floral. Very green and summery… This is a great gifting candle because it seems to please both men and women. It’s not too floral and the citrus notes really ground the scent and give it some weight while the white florals drift and mingle in the air.” – Debra, Chesterland, OH
“Bamboo works well for gift giving because is the perfect, neutral scent that appeals to just about everyone. Not too sweet, not too sharp, just a nice blend of fragrance and life.” – Kristen, Massachusetts

Votivo Jasmine Neroli Candle

The name jasmine means heavenly felicity. Our customer Kay Zarrugh of Austin, Texas writes a description of Votivo Jasmine Neroli that is fitting to the middle floral notes of this gorgeous candle scent. “I absolutely love the scent of jasmine- so much that I have a plant by my front door. The fragrance is heavenly when it is blooming in late spring and summer. I was overjoyed to find this scent in a candle. Now I can have the fresh scent of jasmine throughout my home!”  Some jasmine candles can be intensely fragrant, but this blend of florals and fruit is vibrant but not overpowering.

Do you have a favorite jasmine candle? Click here for a complete list of jasmine candles from Candles Off Main and let us know in the comments where you are using these scents in your home.