Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest has a cult following and it’s easy to see why. Everything about this candle is sophisticated and moody- it could quickly become your signature home fragrance.

The chic black vessel is narrow and sleek, and comes adorned with a luxe silver seal. The dark soy wax burns down so smoothly, and the throw is surprisingly strong. Even the box is gothic and romantic. It makes a wonderful gift- if you can part with it!

I love nestling this candle (unlit) on a shelf with all of my houseplants. The matte black jar looks so elegant amongst green leaves and wood.

And let’s not forget the intoxicating fragrance- a concoction of Douglas fir, black ebony, and hints of black currant. It’s blended in small batches, so that the oils can intensify and mature, and sells out regularly.

This smells like a fairy tale- like a walk through the woods with King Arthur himself. Black Forest is slightly cool and masculine, and I always enjoy every minute of it. It’s very versatile so I recommend burning this in every room in the house!

Chrissy Fitzgerald, candle reviewer and publisher at The Downtown Annapolis