I gasped when I first heard about this candle. Ink! How evocative and mysterious and old-world. What would this smell like? My imagination was running wild. Libraries filled with leather-bound books. Love letters. Nights spent writing in my journal.

If you’ve ever loved the written word, buy this candle immediately.  It smells like all of the above and yes, it does somehow capture the essence of ink.

Ink, Part of the Reserve Collection by Linnea’s Lights

Ink is one of six fragrances debuted in Linnea’s Lights Reserve, a collection a bit darker than their signature offerings. There’s an edge and depth- every single one is intriguing. 

Ink features notes of incense, bergamot, musk, violet, thyme, and leather. The blend is nuanced yet I kept getting whiffs of leather and violet. I’m not complaining. The throw is generous but not overpowering.

There’s something sensual and romantic about this candle- it works both in a writing room and the bedroom. Anywhere that you want to be creative.

And the packaging! Luxe and substantial, with hand-written batch numbers. It feels bespoke and brooding- masculine and feminine all at once. I couldn’t get enough. You’ll want to treat every writer you’ve ever loved to this unique fragrance experience.

-Chrissy Fitzgerald, candle reviewer and publisher at The Downtown Annapolis