Nothing says clean like the the fresh scent of citrus. Burning a zesty candle immediately creates an atmosphere of wide open windows, deep blue skies, streaming sunshine and billowy clouds. One of the most popular citrus scents for candles is grapefruit. Customers love grapefruit scented candles! They are perfect for the kitchen or anywhere you want to liven up the area or perk yourself up.

Here are our favorite grapefruit candles:

Nest Grapefruit Candle
Nest Grapefruit Candle
Pink pomelo grapefruit and watery green nuances are blended with lily of the valley and coriander blossom.
The Nest Grapefruit candle is extremely fragrant and fills the room with juicy grapefruit and floral notes. This is the most floral grapefruit scented candle we offer. Nest Grapefruit is available in a wide variety of products including the standard candle, 3-wick candle, diffuser, liquid hand soap and votive.

Linnea's Lights Grapefruit Candle
Linnea’s Lights Grapefruit Candle
Refreshing pink grapefruit perfectly balanced with a touch of ginger and oak.
The Linnea’s Lights Grapefruit scented candle is not too tart or too sweet. The oak grounds it nicely. This is a nice, neutral grapefruit fragrance.

Aura Clairvoyant Candle

Aura Clairvoyant Candle
A tangy citrus scent with a hint of floral including yuzu grapefruit, cassis, orange and rose geranium.
This is the most tart grapefruit scented candle on this list. It’s clean, simple and pure. Perfect anytime you an eye-opening scent. Great for the kitchen of office.


 Grapefruit Blends

LAFCO Penthouse – a fanstic blend of grapefruit and effervescent champagne. Great for celebrations or anytime you want to feel festive.

Aquiesse White Grapefruit Acai – a fruity blend of tart grapefruit, acai and black currant.

K. Hall Fir Grapefruit – a fresh blend of crisp fir and juicy grapefruit. I especially love the liquid hand soap!

Linnea’s Lights Persian Lime – while this is a lime fragrance, the grapefruit really comes through. A fun combination. Perfect for the kitchen.


Other great grapefruit scented candles:

Aura Radiant
Votivo Island Grapefruit
Voluspa Pink Citron
Trapp Pink Grapefruit


Other great grapefruit scented products:

Lampe Berger Grapefruit Passion Fragrance Oil
Antica Farmcista Pompelmo Diffuser

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What’s your favorite grapefruit candle? Please post your answer below. We love to know what YOU love!