Let’s Go Berry Picking!!


One of the best parts about summer (Okay, what isn’t great about summer?) is getting fresh produce and even growing or picking it yourself. Even though we live in a large metropolitan area, we are also blessed to have rural, farmland around us with multiple places where we can pick strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. We even have wild blackberry bushes in our own yard that get thoroughly picked-over in the warm, summer months.

There is something so satisfying about fresh-picked berries. The taste and flavor is amazing. But I wished it lasted for more than one bite. For this reason, I really enjoy multi-note berry fragrances. I get the naturally inspired fragrance I love and it lasts for hours at a time. Here are some of my favorite luxury home fragrances that will satisfy your desire for fresh berries.

Aquiesse White Grapefruit Acai

Accuses White Grapefruit Acai

Aquiesse White Grapefruit Acai is a bright berry fragrance created with notes of grapefruit, acai, and black current. Balsam vanille provides an earthy balance. If you want a bright and cheery berry scent, this is perfect!


Aura Whimsical

Aura Whimsical brings a tart, berry fragrance to your space with red currant, pomegranate and wild berries.  The pomegranate and red currant heighten the berry scent, providing a full-bodied aroma in your home.

Trapp Indigo Acai

Trapp Indigo Acai. A floral fragrance made gourmet with acai and creamy vanilla. This blend of gardenia, jasmine and berries has great scent throw. While the balance of berry to vanilla seems heavier on the vanilla to me, it is the berry ‘middle notes’ that make this a very sexy scent.


Voluspa Goji Torocco Orange

Voluspa Goji Torocco Orange. A true fruit cocktail, complete with goji berry, ripe mango, and torocco orange. To me, there’s definitely more goji than orange in this fragrance. If you want a pure and intoxicating fruity fragrance, this is perfect for you!


Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry

Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry. A berry pie in a candle! Ripe huckleberry, vanilla, and crushed sugar cane combine to create a delectable treat! I love that the sugary notes in this fragrance really enhance the sweetness of the huckleberry (which can be a bit tart).  This is a very complex fragrance and a top-seller at Candles Off Main.


So if you can’t pick berries for yourself this season, or want to bring that freshly-picked fragrance indoors, “pick” for yourself any one of these home fragrances that are sure to leave your mouth watering and your home smelling like a wild berry bush! Happy picking!