Let’s begin with the sachets……. If you are looking to add a lot of fragrance in a very easy and inexpensive way, then look no further!  Greenleaf sachets are a simple way to perfume a room (or in my case my entire apartment by just sitting it on the kitchen counter.) One tip I should mention is to not make the mistake I did, and think that you open the envelope, the envelope is the sachet, if you open it, you’ll just make a mess.


The Bella Freesia is a blend of freesia, white tea, amber and cotton notes and it is really pretty.  It would be great in a closet or even tucked into a bathroom cabinet or drawer.  The fragrance will last for up to four months and if you think about it, 24/7 fragrance for 4 months at $2.50 is pretty darn fabulous.  I also have the Silver Spruce Sachet and it’s like Christmas came early to my place.  I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always had real Christmas trees, and not for any other reason than I love the smell.  There are so many artificial trees on the market now that not only look like the real thing and sometimes even better, don’t make the mess, and you don’t have to remember to water them.  If I decide to go the artificial route this year, I’ll just tuck the Silver Spruce Sachet into the branches or put it under the tree like a gift, and I think that will satisfy my need for that Christmas tree smell I so love.  Greenleaf even recommends adding a sachet when storing your artificial Christmas tree.  The fragrance is sophisticated with crisp Siberian Fir, Cedarwood and Sandalwood.


The Classic Linen Room Spray is fresh and clean and almost feels “beachy” to me.  It definitely does have that fresh washed linen scent so maybe it’s just me remembering those long summer days out in Montauk at the beach house and the crisp linen sheets that make me think its beachy.  It is a lovely combination of air, clean water with a slight bit of soft floral and a hint of balsamic note.  The room sprays are great when you need that extra burst of fragrance (like when you cooked fish the night before and you have guests arriving momentarily, we’ve all been there!)


Other fragrances available:

Apple Spice & Cinnamon / Room Spray

Bella Freesia / Room Spray, Sachet, Diffuser

Cashmere Kiss / Room Spray, Sachet, Diffuser

Classic Linen / Room Spray, Sachet, Diffuser

Haven / Room Spray, Sachet, Diffuser

Lavender / Room Spray, Sachet, Diffuser

Orange & Honey / Room Spray, Sachet

Painted Poppy / Room Spray, Sachet

Roses / Room Spray, Sachet

Seaspray / Room Spray, Sachet

Silver Spruce / Room Spray, Sachet

Spa Springs / Room Spray, Sachet, Diffuser

Vanilla / Room Spray, Sachet

Lynette Reed, Fragrance fanatic, founder of Illume Candles, Izzy Sayan Perfume, Fluid Fragrances, and creative consultant to many high-end fragrance brands.