Bad smells in the home are inevitable, but there are some wonderful products that can give your home a breath of fresh air. No one wants to do without delicious meals and cuddly pets, but that doesn’t mean our homes have to smell like garlic or cat boxes. Even after cleaning or removing the source of a foul odor, sometimes a bad scent can linger on. Clean-scented candles, fragrance oil, and room sprays are the perfect products to keep on hand for fresh air in the home.

Find a full assortment of fresh linen, cotton and clean crisp fragrances here, OR keep reading for more guidance (we know there’s so much to choose from!).


After cooking my famous chicken and 40 cloves of garlic dish, my kitchen reeks of garlic. Truthfully, the whole main floor is garlicky. It smells amazing before dinner is served, but afterwards, it is not nearly as pleasant. The Clean Air Candle has worked wonders to clean the air after a garlic-fest in the kitchen. This candle actually removes odors rather than masking them. From Candles Off Main website, “Vermont Naturals has developed a scientifically-proven and tested blend of 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts that effectively neutralize and remove unwanted odors. This Clean Air Technology works by attracting odor particles, attaching to them and neutralizing the unwanted odors. No enzymes or harsh chemicals are required, just nature’s technology.” Stephanie from Maryland reviewed the candle saying, “it really removes stinky smells and puts off a gentle, pleasant fragrance. It leaves the room smelling clean, clean, clean!”

Clean Air Odor Neutralizer Candle

Fragrance Oils

In the extreme months of summer and winter, weeks can pass without a day that is pleasant enough to open the windows, resulting in stuffy, stale air. You do not have to wait for spring-like temperatures to have a home that smells fresh and clean. Lampe Berger fragrance oils offer an incredibly effective and long-lasting solution to freshen any room in the home. You will need a Lampe Berger lamp which comes in many beautiful styles and colors. The Frosted Cube is a popular lamp to start with, as it is neutral and will fit with any room or decor. Click here to read more about how to use Lampe Berger fragrance oil.

Lampe Berger Frosted Cube Lamp

When I was a child, my mother would throw a towel in the dryer before getting me out of the bathtub so that I could be wrapped warmly in the cleanest, fluffiest cotton towel. As a toddler, it was my first taste of decadence. Now that I am a parent, I enjoy giving my child the same sense of warmth with towels and freshly laundered crib sheets. For the ultimate clean and cozy scent, Lampe Berger Cotton Dreams fragrance oil, with fresh notes of Marseille soap and bergamot, and accents of lavender and pine, will fill your home with the smell of being tucked into a bed made with linens straight out of the dryer.

Lampe Berger Cotton Dreams Fragrance Oil

If you prefer a burst of citrus, the Lampe Berger Lemon Flower fragrance oil will transform your stuffy room into a grove of Southern California paradise. Few things match the refreshing aroma of lemon, lime, neroli, and orange blossom. Just moments after lighting the wick, your room will be filled with an intoxicating blast of clean air.

Lampe Berger Lemon Flower Fragrance Oil

Room Sprays
Your mother-in-law called and said that she’s going to be there in five minutes to drop something off. Her darling son left his running shoes in the foyer and the dog just came inside after rolling around in a mysterious, malodorous substance. When there isn’t time to do a deep clean but you need a fast-acting freshening, room sprays are the fastest way to bring pleasant fragrance to your home.
Voluspa Candles offers a lovely selection of room sprays to quickly infuse the air with a burst of your favorite candle scent. As a bonus, these sprays are made with cosmetic grade ingredients, so they can also be used as a body spray. Spritz Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange on your curtains and you will get a waft of fresh citrus berries every time you open and close them. Keep these on hand in your purse and your foyer for a fast, fresh scent in a hurry.

Voluspa Room and Body Spray Goji Tarocco Orange

Don’t let your home be taken over by the unpleasant scents of daily life. You and your guests deserve a breath of fresh air when relaxing in the place you call home. Have you used these products to battle unpleasant smells? What is the toughest odor that you have had to remove in your home?