Its summer and its hot. Enough said.

And we know that many luxury fragrance lovers prefer candle alternatives in the warm weather. While there’s no denying the ambiance a candle can bring to your living space, we have some ideas to share for home fragrance if you’re not burning candles right now.  Personally, we love room sprays to provide instant, yet lasting fragrance.

Unlike grocery store variety fragrance sprays, made with harsh chemicals and low quality fragrances — luxury fragrance sprays are created with only high quality essential and fragrance oils. Additionally, a luxury fragrance has staying power and will not dissipate quickly like bargain type spray.

So what do we use in our home?

Antica Farmacista Room Sprays

Antica Farmacista sprays are a pump spray, composed of perfume-grade fragrance oil. Also, safe as a linen spray so you can further scent your world by spritzing your bed linens or curtains.  We give this spray a 10/10 for its lasting power. This is one of the most fragrant home fragrance sprays we’ve ever tested. Here’s a tip! Enhance your favorite Antica Farmacista diffuser fragrance with a few bursts of a room spray in the air before guests come over.  Fragrance strength: 10/10  Fragrance longevity: 10/10

Thymes Home Fragrance Mist

Thymes Fragrances home fragrance mists are aerosol-based sprays, allowing you to spray the desired amount of fragrance with one simple push. For the amount of time these fragrances last in the air, we give an 8 of 10. We consider Home Fragrance Mists from Thymes a truly luxurious fragrance experience, especially great for large living spaces. The power of the aerosol provides more fragrance with greater speed. These are great to accent the fragrance in any Thymes candles. Fragrance strength: 9/10  Fragrance longevity: 8/10

Voluspa Room and Body Spray

Voluspa Aquas de Senteur / Room and Body mists are composed of cosmetic grade ingredients, making them safe for use as a body spray in addition to use as a room fragrance. The metered style pump spray allows for a consistent burst of fragrance with each pump. We actually prefer Voluspa sprays as a personal fragrance. We think they are much longer lasting as a personal fragrance than in the air. Fragrance strength: 9/10  Fragrance longevity: 8/10

Trapp Room Sprays

Trapp Room Sprays are non-aerosol metered sprays as well.  These handy sprays are a great way to bring your favorite Trapp Fragrances, like Bob’s Flower Shoppe, with you in the car or while traveling.  With their great price point, we recommend having a few of these sprays on hand. These are not fabric safe sprays but do provide a lot of quality fragrance in the air — especially for such a small size. Fragrance strength: 9/10  Fragrance longevity: 7/10

So if you’d like to add some fragrance to your home without lighting a match, give a fragrance spray a try for instant scent. With so many sprays to choose from, you are sure to find one you love!