Scents to Energize
Summer is here and while we are all dreaming of lounging poolside with a tropical drink, we still need to stay productive until that long-awaited summer vacation finally arrives. Before you brew a second (or third!) cup of joe, stimulate your senses with these uplifting scents.

Linnea's Lights Eucalyptus Candle

Linnea’s Lights Eucalyptus Candle

You have a million things to do, but the heat is sapping your energy. Take a cue from those cute koalas down under and recharge with cooling eucalyptus.
Studies by the New Jersey research company Flavors and Fragrances Inc. have shown that breathing eucalyptus gives people increased energy.
Linnea’s Lights Eucalyptus candle offers a balanced blend of invigorating eucalyptus paired with harmonizing woods to energize your surroundings. Light this candle while preparing your to-do list, and fill the air with motivation.

Aura Radiant Candle

Aura Radiant Candle

If your spirits are down while toiling away under fluorescent office lights, transform your surroundings to an oasis of orange with the mood-boosting essence of the Aura Radiant candle. Customers are raving about this indulgent citrus fragrance:



New Aura Fan! This is my first Aura candle. I’m completely in love with everything about it. The packaging is perfection, the fragrance is energizing, and the burn quality could not be any better. ‘Radiant’ is a good choice for almost any room in your home. The scent combination Aura achieved is right on target. The intensity and throw is strong without being obnoxious. It’s enjoyable on its own or can be combined to compliment additional fragrances as well. Aura Radiant gets 5 stars all around without question! – Chuck, Memphis, TN


Shine On!
The packaging color says it all – Yellow and Radiant! Aura did a good job with creating a great Summer candle providing an excellent fresh citrus and grapefruit burst of fragrance! The goji berry really stands out to me, giving it a similar throw to Voluspa’s Goji Tarocco Orange and Trapp’s Mandarin Goji. If you want to brighten your gloomy day with a little pep of tart and sweetness, choose this one! Not only was the throw great, but the burn quality was great. 5 outta 5 for this gal! – Jenna, Millersville, MD

Nest Moss and Mint Reed Diffuser

Nest Moss and Mint Reed Diffuser

According to Pamela Dalton, PhD, MPH, a senior research scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, “minty aromas can help people exercise longer and complete clerical tasks faster and more accurately… Such smells make us more vigilant, leading to greater energy.” Click here to read the full article.

Sometimes burning a candle is not an option. In this case, try the Nest Moss and Mint reed diffuser for a flame-free uplift. Along with sweet apple and delicate lily of the valley, with hints of oakmoss and earthy vetiver, this exhilarating mint-based blend will freshen your stuffy surroundings.

When you start to feel yourself dragging under the heavy heat of the summer sun, awaken your senses with these energizing candle scents. Do you have a favorite energizing scent? Comment below with your favorite uplifting scents.