Just in time for Valentine’s Day…two new fragrances from Voluspa!!!
Perse Bloom and Blond Tabac are new to the top-selling Vermeil Collection. Inspired by sparkling jewels, the packaging and fragrances in the Vermeil Collection are here to shine. The Vermeil Collection received a facelift last year and welcomed new fragrances that became instant best-sellers, like Casa Pacifica and Aurantia & Blackberry.
Now, Vermeil continues to grow with Perse Bloom and Blond Tabac.

Perse Bloom is perfect for the floral lover in your life. With notes of jasmine and peony, balanced with mimosa to add a hint of sweetness. This floral lasts so much longer than a bouquet of flowers, especially since the glittering packaging can be repurposed in so many ways.


Blond Tabac could be perfect for the man in your life (who says men don’t love exquisite home fragrance?!). Don’t let the name fool you, the tobacco notes in this fragrance are slightly sweet and not smoky so it can be enjoyed many times of the year. The earthiness of vanilla husks and sandalwood keep this fragrance from being overly sweet.
Get your sparkle on and enjoy these gems this Valentine’s Day!