In need of an at-home spa treatment? We know how important it is to make yourself feel pampered, cleansed and soothed. Sometimes all you need is a warm, fragranced bath or shower. But wait! Not sure which scented bath products are safest to use on your skin? We’ve got you covered. In fact, you might not know that some of your favorite home fragrance brands also specialize in personal care that’s as luxurious and pure as the candles you’re used to enjoying.

If you’ve never used a Barr-Co/K. Hall Bath Bomb, you’re missing out! These little babies are amazing for a fizzy and relaxing bath. You’ll have a hard time choosing your favorite fragrance because the classics are so unique! Marine and Milk are some of my faves. Milk is a staple for any bathroom (obvi.) and Marine is the perfect light fragrance that everyone can enjoy. These both bombs are super affordable too. Only $5 a pop!


For those that are serious about their baths, the K. Hall/Barr-Co bath soaks are going to be a new holy grail item for you. Just $25-$32 for 32 oz! We have Milk by K. Hall designs and the Original fragrance by Barr-Co. Creamy vanilla, coconut and sugary notes will surround you while you slip into the bubbles.

Baths aren’t your thing? We have body wash and lotions too for a post-shower experience! I recommend the Neroli Sol fragrance by Thymes for anyone that is looking for a way to wash off the sun and sunscreen without stripping away the feeling of sun-kissed skin. The body wash is $21 and the lotion is $25…and in my opinion, they’re worth every penny.


So go ahead, give your body (and mind) the TLC it needs. And don’t forget to give yourself some R&R too.

-Lyndsie | Candles Off Main