Take a look at this! New white frosted, georgous vessels and bright colorblock packaging!

Trapp is known for producing some of the most fragrant candles at a great value. While maintaining their passion to bring amazing fragrance to every customer, Trapp introduces their Ambiance Collection. The top 12 fragrances are now available in two new sizes: an 8.75 ounce and a 3.75 ounce candle. The largest is 25% larger and offers 20 more hours of burn time than the Signature Home Collection in the well-known house-shaped boxes.

The 3.75 ounce candle is perfect for trying new fragrances or for giving a perfect sized and meaningful gift to a friend.

I love the new white vessels that provide a warm glow as the candle burns. And the packaging is right on point for a fresh and modern look.

Here are some of my favorite  Trapp fragrances that I’m enjoying during these cold, winter months to brighten my days.



Indigo Acai is one of my absolute favorite fragrances, and I enjoy it year-round. But the sweet berry notes and white florals help to brighten any dark, winter day. And the creamy vanilla notes provide warmth to balance out the sweetness of the berry.



Teak and Oud Wood provides a warm and cozy feel to my space without any hint of smokiness. With notes of teak, oud wood, and Madagascar vanilla, this inviting fragrance provides the perfect balance of sweetness and woody.



Citrus fragrances are perfect for the winter. They provide a freshness without being overly floral or sweet. Orange Vanilla, one of the most popular Trapp fragrances, has notes of Brazilian orange and Tahitian vanilla, offering a warm and fresh fragrance in one candle.


Warm up your cold winter days with the fresh new Ambiance Collection from Trapp Fragrances!