Pantone (the color people) announced Greenery as the Color of the Year, and we’ve seen that trend to be true, even in home fragrance. And just in time, green fragrances are an ideal way to invite the changing seasons into your home, creating a fresh and bright atmosphere. Green fragrances stem from (excuse the pun) the non-floral parts of a plant. Stem, stalks, leaves, vines… these are all green elements of nature. Capturing the essence of green in a fragrance can be a very nuanced art. To help you experience the lush goodness of green, here are a few of our favorite home fragrance options that are clean and green!


Antica Lush Palm

New from Antica Farmacista is Lush Palm. With notes of wind swept palms, Tahitian gardenia, and banana leaf, Lush Palm is an escape to a distant shore. Dreaming of spring break? Why don’t you indulge…

Votivo Deep Clover

An earthy fragrance composed of red clover, wood chips, and earthen moss. Votivo Deep Clover smells like a hillside picnic, on a cool, breezy day.


LAFCO Villa (Olive Blossom)

New from LAFCO is Villa (Olive Blossom), a light and modern fragrance whose notes of olive blossoms, cucumber and sweet grass, will tease your senses. You’ll imagine a Mediterranean coastline each time you burn this beautiful new scent from LAFCO NY.

NEST Moss & Mint

Moss & Mint from NEST Fragrances provides a fresh and bright herbal experience. A blend of garden mint, apple blossom, and muguet, grounded by vetiver and oakmoss, Moss & Mint is sure to elevate your day.

Linnea’s Lights Blue Agave

New from Linnea’s Lights, Blue Agave blends blue agave, Mexican lime, cactus, and water lily to bring a unique and lively fragrance, all encapsulated in Linnea’s Lights pure soy wax candles.

Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf

A long-standing customer favorite, Voluspa’s Vervaine Olive Leaf is a unique, rich fragrance, composed of French lemon vervaine, olive leaves, and rosewood. I often feel this fragrance reminds me of a freshly unwrapped bar of soap.

Oh and here’s a bonus! While green scents are lovely to transition into spring, they are also a great fragrance types for transitioning out of summer into fall. (Just something to keep in mind when you’re planning home fragrance options.)

– Jenny, Candles Off Main