If you love candle crafts and mason jars, this is the perfect project for you. These gorgeous luminaries, originally posted on the blog,  Adventures Of A Middle Sister, are beautiful and very easy to make. I love the combination of delicate white lace, pink lace ribbon, and rustic twine, but this project can be useful for any holiday, season, or event by choosing different colored fabric and ribbon. For example, luminaries with black lace and orange ribbon can light the path to your doorway for darling trick-or-treaters on Halloween. If used to decorate a wedding or reception, ribbons to match the bridal party colors could accent the bridal white lace.  I plan to make these with shades of blue lace fabric and thin white rope instead of ribbon, to match the nautical decor of my living room.

Mason Jar Luminaries (credit: AdventuresOfAMiddleSister.Blogspot.com)

Mason Jar Luminaries
(credit: AdventuresOfAMiddleSister.Blogspot.com)

You will need:


  1. Cut lace fabric to wrap around the base of your mason jar.
  2. Spray the jar with adhesive spray and attach your lace. Go slowly, being sure to let each piece adhere, until the entire jar is wrapped. Press the edges so that the lace will lay flat.
  3. Next, cut the burlap to fit the rim of the jar. Spray the rim and the backside of the burlap with adhesive and attach together. Allie from Adventures Of A Middle Sister advises cutting the burlap a little larger and then cutting the excess off after gluing.
  4. Finally, tie twine or ribbon around the burlap covered rim.
  5. Drop in a tealight and enjoy!

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