They’re here! The release of new home fragrance from Linnea’s Lights is always a moment to celebrate! There are few other boutique candle lines that have such unique fragrance creations.

It is also hard to find truly pure soy candles that are also incredibly fragrant, since soy wax often doesn’t hold fragrance as well as paraffin waxes.  Still, Linnea’s Lights always provides a fragrant experience for the senses with their complex candles fragrances.

Escape to the Sea! Ocean 
has returned again this year as a popular Spring and Summer scent. With notes of salty sea air, rain, and water lily, Ocean provides a clean and fresh scent. Truly a breath of fresh air with light floral notes.

Linnea’s Lights introduced two new fragrances this Spring: Blue Agave and Linden.
I love Blue Agave for this time of year; the perfect balance of green, floral, and airy. Notes of water lily create a light floral scent and the greenness of cactus and agave bring some earthy components to the fragrance. Add a twist of lime and you’ve got a perfect, slightly exotic, escape from the chilly winter air that is holding on.
Though, in February it may seem a little too early in the year for floral fragrances (especially in parts of the country where winter is still in charge) Linden is the perfect fragrance for someone wanting a soft and gentle floral fragrance. Linden blossom creates a light floral, slightly honeyed fragrance, while neroli adds in a little citrus. White patchouli mellows the linden and neroli.
If you are looking to try a new fragrance or candle line, I highly recommend exploring Linnea’s Lights. These newest scents from Linnea’s Lights have definitely been on par with the quality and complexity of scents from this Indiana based brand. Pure sophistication with long-lasting fragrance to fill a room– check out Linnea’s Lights today.
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