Add sweet warmth to the seemingly endless days of winter with the top five vanilla candles from Candles Off Main. Once the holidays are over, the bitter cold days of January and February seem darker and drearier without the glow of Christmas lights. Gone are the heartwarming smiles on children’s faces as the unwrap surprises from Santa. Everyone is stir-crazy but must find a way to make the most of the rest of the hibernation season. Vanilla candles hit the spot whether you are seeking sweetness, dreaming of summer, or indulging in the decadence of cashmere blankets by a fire.

Something Sweet
You still have tons of Christmas cookies. Take half of them to the office and enjoy the rest with a tall glass of milk. The K Hall Milk candle is a creamy and delicious blend of vanilla, coconut, and cream. This candle is addictive and will last much longer than that huge tin of sugar cookies that your aunt baked for you. Candles Off Main customer clockmilk from California wrote that this candle is “something between a gourmand and a comfort scent; surprisingly complex.” She describes the smell as “an icy cold pudding made of the best ingredients, without being too sweet.”

Vanilla Candles

K. Hall Milk Candle

Candles Off Main customer Lady K calls Voluspa Citron Vert & Vanille  “the best of the best.” She says that after finding Voluspa, she has never purchased another brand. That’s serious Voluspa love!

Being an artist, I was attracted to the lovely, diverse designed tins. But the clean burning wax was my priority. I’d been trying locally made soy based candles which are cute & healthy but the scent never seemed strong enough. Well, Voluspa has checked all the boxes and simply nailed it!  I’m writing about the scent Citron Vert & Vanille, whilst burning it, and thinking that if they stopped making this- I’d be devastated. I’ve never smelled anything like this candle and am totally addicted! It relaxes me, it sates me (like a midnight snack). This sounds insane but it’s true. Since I’ve found Candles Off Main, I’ll never go hungry again!
Vanilla Candles

Voluspa Citron Vert Vanille 2 Wick Tin Candle

These delicious vanilla candles will satisfy your sweet tooth, but what else can vanilla candles do?
Dreaming of Summer
Let vanilla transport you to a bright day by the pool in late July. Your hands are sticky from the dripping creamsicle that is melting faster than you can eat it under the blazing sun. Those hot, fun summer days are coming… eventually. I promise. Until then, fire up your favorite beach flick on Netflix and light a Trapp Orange Vanilla candle or diffuser. Customer Ryan from Ohio wrote
Orange Vanilla is one of the best (if not THE best) fragrances that Trapp has come up with. I love the delicate tartness of the orange and the sticky sweetness of the vanilla coming together. I liken this to an orange creamsicle in the summer. I love that this diffuser smells so true to the candle and the sweetness of it is perfect for a small bedroom or work place. I put this in my closet and get a nice gust of summery sweetness every time I open them.
Vanilla Candles and Diffusers

Trapp Orange Vanilla Diffuser

Sophisticated Indulgence
Vanilla is so versatile, but sophisticated is not usually the first word that comes to mind. LAFCO, known for their stunning, long-lasting candles, recognized the inviting quality of vanilla. They blended the sweet note with amber and patchouli in this gorgeous hand-blown vessel, and named it Foyer. This is the scent to greet guests with a luxurious welcome that encourages them to stay.
Vanilla Candles

LAFCO Foyer Amber Black Vanilla Candle

I saved Linnea’s Lights Cashmere because it is a personal favorite. Candles Off Main describes this scent as “a sophisticated warm, herbal fragrance with notes of patchouli, vanilla and lime.” I describe this scent as winter perfection. To me, this candle smells like the softest blanket, freshly laundered and still warm from the dryer, hugging my shoulders while I sip on a piping hot Irish Coffee topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Not terribly sweet like a marshmallow, this vanilla candle is more refined but still fun.

Vanilla Candles

Linnea’s Lights Cashmere Candle

Warm up this winter with something delicious. (And it won’t even defeat your healthy resolutions!) Whether you’re embracing the season or pining for summer, vanilla candles will sweetly see you through the cold, dark days.


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