Best Selling Candles at for March 2014

It’s a funny time of year as we transition from winter into spring. Do will still indulge in warm, cozy scents? Or do we transition to clean, light fragrances? The list of best selling candles right now reflects the variety of preferences. Some are looking for something bright to wash away the winter blues. Others are looking for comfort scents to keep them warm and snuggly. While some are embracing in the earthy nuances in the air. If you’re looking for inspiration for something new to try, checkout these best selling candles from Voluspa, Votivo and Trapp that everyone else is loving now:

Best Selling Candles Volupsa Vervaine Olive LeafVoluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf
This uber popular fragrance by Voluspa is a hit year round with it’s clean notes to freshen any home. This scent is also perfect for gift giving.  The Volupsa Vervaine Olive Leaf candle is a blend of French lemon vervaine and crushed olive leaves with a heart of rosewood.




Best Selling Candles Trapp Orange VanillaTrapp Orange Vanilla
If you’re looking for some comfort, this fragrance my be your new BFF. It has just the right balance of fun, juicy orange with yummy vanilla. The Trapp Orange Vanilla candle offers the essence of whole orange perfected by a roasted vanilla bean extract.




Best Selling Candles Votivo Prarie Sage CandleVotivo Prarie Sage
For those that enjoy earthy, grounding fragrances, this scent is perfect. If you’re a fan of Votivo Christmas Sage or Forgotten Sage you’re sure to love this. In search of archeological clues, he ascended up Mesa Verde’s sun baked rock walls spurred onward by the warm and dry air scented with moisture laden yucca, plentiful sweeten native sage, and mystical prairie berries once used to heal ancient souls.



What is your favorite fragrance right now? Did you buy any of these best selling candles in March?