It’s almost time to spring ahead for Daylight Savings Time. The best selling candles at Candles Off Main customers are taking the cue to spring forward with great transitional scents for February including fragrances from Linnea’s Lights, Voluspa, Simpatico, Trapp, and Nest. Mixed in with the warming scents, there are bright floral and water scents flying off of the shelves for those who are ready to think spring now. The beauty of fragrance is that your home can be whatever season you want, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Linnea’s Lights Belgian Linen is a luxurious transitional scent. Breathe in the sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and woods while letting cool fresh air of early spring in through your windows. Best of both worlds.

Best Selling Candles 2015

Linnea’s Lights Belgian Linen Candle

Linnea’s Lights Cashmere combines mysterious patchouli, comforting vanilla and an unexpected lift of lime for a cozy but also elegant scent. Customer Sally from Washington wrote, “This smell is incredible. I have one in almost every room of my home. It’s not too heavy or flowery, it’s a more sophisticated smell. I also love to give it as a gift because Candles Off Main wraps gifts up so sweetly!”

Best Selling Candles 2015

Linnea’s Lights Cashmere Candle

Linnea’s Lights Sea Salt is a best selling candle all year long. Who doesn’t want to be reminded of turquoise waters and salty coastal air? This candle captures the best of the beach without getting sand everywhere.

Best Selling Candles 2015

Linnea’s Lights Sea Salt Candle

Patricia Moore of Naples, FL calls the amber, sandalwood, and vanilla orchid blend of Voluspa Baltic Amberthe candle I always end up burning after the house has been full, dessert is ready to be served and guests are about to enjoy their last cup of coffee of the day. I find it a comforting, warm, background fragrance adding ambiance to an already complete day. I take great comfort in making my rounds and snuffing the wicks as family and friends disappear down the end of our drive.

Best selling candles 2015

Voluspa Baltic Amber candle

Voluspa Goji Tarocco is another candle that helps press the FFW button on winter. Escape the winter chill and take tropical comfort in a room filled with the scent of goji berries, ripe mango, and tarocco orange.

Best selling candles 2015

Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange Candle

The Simpatico Hobnail collection includes a variety of wonderful scents in lovely textured jars that can be reused as vases or pretty storage in a bathroom. Two of my very favorite scents were best selling candles this month. The Tea and Espresso candles heighten my love for a warm mug filled with either of those things. The tea candle is rich and heady with the comforting scent of earl grey tea, brewed with camellia leaf, bergamot, orange, and myrrh oils. Customer Joanne from Denver says, “the scent of this candle is like a letter from home. It smells like fresh brewed sweet tea, in my mother’s kitchen in the summer. I bought 7 of them for Christmas gifts and kept 3 of them for myself.”

Best selling candles 2015

Simpatico Hobnail Tea Candle

Jenna from Annapolis describes the Espresso candle in her review on Candles Off Main: Imagine sitting in your favorite coffee shop on a rainy day, calming and relaxing. Rain pattering on the window and a warm cup of coffee in hand, the aroma permeates the air around you. I am in love with the smell of fresh coffee or a fresh brewed cup of espresso. I was definitely afraid this was going to be on the ‘too sweet’ side for me but it definitely wasn’t. They hit the espresso fragrance right on target. The vessel is always an eye pleaser but adding in an amazing fragrance tops it off. An excellent choice if you like those sweeter fragrances.

Best selling candles 2015

Simpatico Hobnail Espresso Candle


Trapp Bob’s Flower Shoppe is another candle that sells well throughout the year. Inspired by the scent that Bob met when he walked into the flower cooler of his flower shop, this candle is a bouquet of spring happiness. This candle has a very powerful throw, perfect for large spaces to bloom with fragrance.

best selling candles 2015

Trapp Candles Bob’s Flower Shoppe

Nest Bamboo is jasmine divinity. This candle is hugely popular with Candles Off Main customers who love florals and greens contained in the posh packaging of Nest Fragrances. Perfect for a gift for any occasion, anyone would be delighted to unwrap this beauty.

Nest Bamboo Candle

If you have been looking for a candle to burn to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring, any of these scents will do. Which fragrances are you enjoying right now?