“Warm and alluring, the Belle Fleur Indochine candle offers a warm and seductive scent that will take you to a region of the world brimming with natural beauty and redolent with spice, exotic woods and sensual accords. An intermingling of Indian, Chinese and French influences will have you longing for a romantic escapade. The heart is a delicate, creamy patchouli with notes of honey giving it an undeniable warmth. An intimate saffron note dances over a benzion, vanilla and rosewood base, unveiling passions that lie in wait.”

Belle Fleur Indochine features the following fragrance notes:

  • Top notes: bergamot, honey absolute
  • Middle notes: osmanthus, jasmine, orange blossom, saffron
  • Base notes: vanilla, patchouli, rosewood, benzoin

Belle Fleur Indochine CandleI’ve been enjoying this fragrance while I work today and it’s heaven!!!!! Absolutely stunning. It’s insanely sophisticated and extraordinarily complex. A perfect blend of warmth, depth and spices.

Have you ever watched a show like American Idol, where you think everyone is pretty good, then someone like Phillip Phillips hits the stage and make everyone else look amateur? That’s what this fragrance blend is like – at a level above most. Where so many fragrances come across as “eh”, bland or nondescript, this one stands out like a beacon of perfection.

If you like the intensity of Lafco Foyer, the sexiness of Belle Fleur Kyara Clove, or complexity of Nest Three O’clock, this is your new best friend. Belle Fleur Indochine is luxury home fragrance creation at its finest. You will not regret this indulgence!

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