If your home, particularly your bedroom, is starting to feel a bit stale during these last weeks of winter, liven things up with sultry scented bedroom candles. Breathe new life into your master bedroom with one of these three sexy scents from Aura, Votivo, or Belle Fleur.

The Aura Karma candle is warm, dreamy, and special. This candle smells the way a bedroom should feel. Tahitian vanilla is the delicious foundation for this fragrance. Add juicy pink grapefruit, sweet agave nectar, spicy cardamom and cayenne, and a dash of sea salt for the most intriguing and inviting scent. This 10 ounce candle burns for 70 long hours, adding staying power to it’s list of optimal bedroom qualities.

Candles Off Main customer Angie DeGennaro reviewed Karma saying, “Oh my goodness, I love this candle! It smells absolutely amazing, is very unique, and has an excellent throw that rivals a 3-wick… It is very calming, yet incredibly sexy. Karma makes me want a hot oil massage when I smell it, and I can imagine it burning in a luxury spa resort.”

When I burned this candle for the first time, I was really impressed with the vanilla scent that filled the air within minutes after lighting. It was delicious and yummy, but not too sweet. I was enjoying the scent when suddenly I caught a whiff of the cardamom and cayenne. I knew those notes were in there, but when the vanilla started to liquify, the spices were released into the air, providing a very pleasant blast of heat.

Bedroom Scents

Aura Karma Candles

The Votivo Black Ginger fragrance delivers the sexy in a masculine combination of worn leather and mulled spices brewed over an open flame. A snap of tropical ginger invigorates while the slightest hint of wildflowers tempers the heat. Fresh herbal notes, spicy ginger, and masculine woods and musk will transform a boring bedroom into a passionate lair. If bedroom candles make you nervous, use the diffuser for this scent to provide a constant ambiance of warmth without worrying about a flame. Guys take note. Your partner will likely be impressed if you are thoughtful enough to add an intriguing fragrance to the bedroom.

Bedroom Scents

Votivo Black Ginger Diffuser


If you are ready to get seriously sensual, the Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte candle is a gratifying delicacy. Belle Fleur created this scent “based on the isle of Capri, the fabled isle of pleasure. Casa Malaparte sits alone atop a rocky promontory overlooking the Bay of Naples.” The top notes of grapefruit, lemon oil, fig leaf, and green accords are fresh, clean, and inviting. The middle notes of jasmine, rose, heliotrope, fresh marine notes are lush and feminine. The base notes of rosewood, cedarwood, and musk ground this scent with luxurious depth.

Casa Malaparte is a candle that needs to be experienced. It is pricy, but it is a transcendent fragrance that will burn clean and last for a very long time. (About 50 hours.) I close my eyes and feel positively indulgent when I breathe in the rich florals, fresh citrus, and ultra-sexy woods. I would share this candle with my husband on special occasions, but more often, I can see myself burning this candle as a lavish weekend reward after a hard week of work/life. This candle provides an extravagant escape that serves as a reminder that you deserve grand gestures of love and an occasional taste of the posh life.


Bedroom Scents

Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte Candle

Candles and diffusers are the perfect way to add some heat during these cold months. Instead of going stir crazy, get inspired with soft candlelight and alluring fragrances.