Happy birthday Aquarius candle lovers! Aquarius friends are fun-loving individuals. They are very likeable and unpredictable. Which candle should you gift an Aquarian? Maybe a candle that evokes water and air while giving off a people-pleasing fragrance?

The Annapolis Candle Bay Breeze scent is a fabulous fit for the Air sign known as the Water Bearer. Bay Breeze offers pleasing floral notes of geranium and lavender with hints of clean cotton, making this fragrance appealing to amiable Aquarians. The nautical theme ties in with the Aquarius symbol of Water Bearer, with an anchor motif that recalls the wild sea, and a scent that is as fresh as an air sign could hope for.

Aquarius Candle

Annapolis Candle Bay Breeze


Famous Aquarians To Whom I Would Gift A Bay Breeze Candle If I Could

Harry Styles
Justin Timberlake
Ellen DeGeneres
Jennifer Aniston
Oprah Winfrey

Fortunately, I have some actual Aquarius candle-loving friends celebrating another orbit around the sun. All of them as personable as the celebs listed above. As an Annapolitan who appreciates the Chesapeake Bay, I am excited to gift Bay Breeze to my water bearer friends.

Another great fragrance for Aquarius is the Aquiesse Shoreline candle. Candles Off Main customer Jasmine reviewed the candle, saying, ” The floral is subtle and beautiful. The salt is balanced by green almost watery notes, and the wood balances all the notes. It’s truly refreshing, relaxing and really worth purchasing.” Shoreline certainly seems to be appropriate place for the water bearer to be stationed.


Aquarius Candle

Aquiesse Shoreline Candle



Are you an Aquarius? Do you think you would love these fragrances? Tell us, Aquarius. What is your signature scent?