One of the highlights of fall is the abundance of delectable apples and their wonderful crisp scent.  Apple-picking season lasts for just a few weeks at your local fall festival, so after you’ve crunched on apples straight from the orchard and baked the last of your apple pies, you can continue to enjoy the essence of apple for weeks after your harvest is gone with these amazing apple scented candles and fragrance oil.

An Apple For Teacher

The school year is in full swing now, but it’s never a bad time to show your child’s teacher a little gratitude for their hard work. Apples for teacher are sweet, but a Trapp Macintosh Candle is worth extra credit. She may not be able to burn the candle in the classroom, but she can enjoy the luscious scent while grading papers at home. Make your kid the apple of your teacher’s eye with this long-lasting token of appreciation.

Trapp No. 37 Macintosh Candle

Polished Elegance

If you are ready to indulge your home with an extravagant candle that will fill the air with luxurious comfort, try the LAFCO Cortland Apple Candle. Janet from Knoxville, Tennessee reviewed the candle for Candles Off Main saying, “Perfection in a beautiful jar! This one jar manages to fill my entire living room, dining room, and kitchen with a crisp juicy scent. My husband came home after about an hour of me lighting the candle and was impressed by the quality and depth of the scent circulating our home. Scent is a key to making memories, uplifting moods, and really setting the tone for an evening. This LAFCO candle excels in every category. The apple scent is rich and supple and in no way reminiscent of a cheap drugstore version. Fall is in the air here in Knoxville and as my friends and family continue to visit my home, I am flooded with compliments at the comfort my home provides.”

LAFCO Cortland Apple Family Room Candle


Tarty Blast of Crisp Green Apple

My husband loves a shiny Granny Smith apple above any other variety, because they are clean and invigorating. The Lampe Berger Green Apple Fragrance Oil gives our home the same freshening effect of biting into a crisp, tart green apple. From the Dreams of Fruits collection, this oil includes notes of green, peach, iris, jasmine, and musk, with a heart note of green apple. Burn this oil for just a few minutes and marvel at the fruity throw. Lampe Berger oils are a great product to use when you want a powerful reach of fragrance without worrying about an open flame for more than a few minutes. Simply light the wick for two to three minutes, extinguish, and enjoy.

Lampe Berger Green Apple Fragrance Oil

Feeling adventurous?

Create your own fragrance recipes by layering any of these apple scents with a complementary scent like cinnamon or clove. Voluspa Clove Pomander or Trapp Sexy Cinnamon are perfect spices to layer with these apple scents, creating a gourmand effect with the fragrant components of apple pie. Make it a la mode with a blast of Lampe Berger Vanilla Gourmet.

What else would you combine with an apple fragrance?